Two building requests create more work

The council wants to "go to the meadows" create the legal building conditions in the area of erlenweg so that a production hall with offices and storage rooms can be built there. In its meeting on tuesday evening, the committee decided on the necessary drafting of an inclusion statute and also approved the present draft plan.

As mayor gunther hubner (CSU) explained, the municipality of harsdorf has received a concrete building application for this project. The inspection showed that the land is located in an excavation area. Since the project is not privileged, it is not permitted under the building code. What is needed for this is a simplified procedure for the incorporation of the area.

According to hubner, it is possible to dispense with an environmental assessment and a special assessment under species protection law.


There are 450 winners at the swimming festival

"Water basketball and the great slide" for timo (7), from class 1A at the don bosco school in stappenbach, the most interesting stops on the 14-day trip were a bicycle and a car. Swimming festival of the forderschools in the aquarena leisure pool in zapfendorf. His classmate elias (8) can’t decide what he liked best. To a short "actually everything" he is then ready to get back to the sublimes he has brought with him.

The two boys are for the first time at this swim festival. Her teacher karin pleyer, on the other hand, is already 14 years old. For the first time there and already in the apron in the extensive organization work with had been involved. She appreciates "the pleasant and beautiful atmosphere in the zapfendorf pool" and the "welcome change for their proteges. "Having fun together is very important for the children of the ford schools", says the teacher.

In addition to the forderschule from stappenbach, this year the martin-wiesend-schule, bartolomeo-garelli school, bertold-scharfenberg school, von lerchenfeld school, giechburgschule scheblitz and a cooperative class from the volksschule burgebrach will be on site. The participation of a cooperative class turns the event into an integrative swimming festival. For the first time, it brought together all the ford schools in the city and district of bamberg. Nowhere else in upper franconia is there such an offer.


Windheim faces important game against third

For the table tennis men of the TSV windheim the next sunday in the verbandsliga northeast at 10 o’clock the next home match is on the plan. Opponents are tus schnaittenbach, to whom the tsv team lost 9:6 in the first leg. The schnaittenbacher are nominally in third place in the table, but with their 14:14 payers are only one point better than the windheimer (13:15), so that the game has an important meaning.

In schnaittenbach, the main reason for the defeat was that all three doubles were initially lost. Since the old formations for tsv were still at the start here, one can hope that kurschner and co. At least a double for itself konnen.

In the front pair, the points were shared; however, due to the balance sheets of petrak and schneider on the side of schnaittenbach, there is definitely potential for reiner kurschner and stefan schirmer to make one or two more points.From position 3 to 5 schnaittenbach is well occupied. Here, fritz schroppel nevertheless won both games in the preliminary round and both matthias trebes and patrick grosch contributed one point each.


Csu nominates martin as mayoral candidate

Csu nominates martin as mayoral candidate

On saturday evening, the CSU schondra elected the incumbent mayor bernold martin as its top candidate for the 2020 municipal elections without any opposing candidates. He received 100 percent approval from the voting members present at the well-attended nomination meeting.

With bernold martin, the CSU schondra had a very experienced and competent incumbent who, with his expertise and his competence in local politics, saw his commitment to the community as a vocation and could demonstrate a successful track record for the community in recent years, according to the chairman of the CSU local association, roman jorg.

Exciting times

After bernold martin accepted the election, he thanked the board in his short speech for the trust and support and drew a first balance from the last six years, which, according to martin, were marked by countless small and large projects, encounters and exciting times.


Danndorf fire department: fire protection improved with new vehicle

The danndorf fire department is delighted to have a new emergency vehicle: the 99.400-euro journey now officially handed over to the troops by mayor robert bosch (CSU). Bosch recalled that the mainleus municipal council had approved the purchase – which was to be made at 24.200 euro was demanded by the free state – has already decided in may 2019.

The vehicle is equipped with a 500 meter long smart unit and replaces the previous trailer. Bosch did not hide the fact that the new vehicle would probably also increase the number of operations, because it could be used more quickly than the trailer.

In conclusion, he thanked the active members for their voluntary work.


18 Million hartz iv recipients within ten years

18 million hartz iv recipients within ten years

In the past ten years, a total of 18.2 million people have received hartz IV benefits.

There were 9.33 million men and 8.97 million women, according to a federal government response to a left-wing question in the bundestag obtained by the deutsche presse-agentur. 5.47 million were under 15 years old.

Paid are the people who have received between january 2007 and november 2017 at least once short-term hartz IV. Many people have also received temporary unemployment benefits, for example because they were not eligible for unemployment insurance.


There will be dredging, building and clearing

The graduate engineer is employed by the freeway directorate of northern bavaria, which is responsible for the current work on the A 70 in the "harsdorfer berg" area responsible. Preparations are currently being made for the planned eight-kilometer expansion of the long-distance link between the kulmbach/neudrossenfeld junction and the bayreuth/kulmbach triangle.
The total cost is estimated at 45 million euros. This also includes the new construction of bypasses, the renewal of twelve bridges and the drainage with the construction of rainwater retention and sedimentation basins. The new construction of the community connection road between oberhettersreuth and altenreuth was also brought forward, which could already be opened yesterday to a limited extent and with which an underpass was saved.
"The major rehabilitation of the A70 will take place next year and in 2014. We have allocated the budget and last week published the rough tender", explains probst, according to whom work will begin on the northbound carriageway in march 2013. The sud roadway will follow in 2014. "We always have a short construction time of only half a year. That is why the preparatory work is necessary, because otherwise we will not be able to do it."
These preparations also include the local road network, which must be upgraded so that it can handle the rerouted traffic next year, as all the underpasses will be closed off. Probst: "that is also the difficult part of the construction site, because we have to maintain the access roads to the small villages. That is why a number of field roads have now been upgraded in advance to serve as replacement roads."
A challenge for the road builder are the old bridge structures, where a new underpass or overpass is being built in their place. "Everything must be precisely coordinated. It’s much easier to build on a greenfield site because you can build according to plan. But here we have to regulate the traffic and also talk to all the residents, because above all we are restricting the farmers somewhat", says the senior construction manager, who does not see himself facing any major problems in solving these tasks: "we have a good relationship with everyone and talk to them on site."
The second major project is the construction of the rainwater retention basin on the "haselbach" with a huge dam embankment that will be up to 20 meters high. Chief construction officer michael probst: "we have also brought forward these inspections because otherwise it would have been far too tight next year," explains probst. Before you build on top, it is also good if the dam lies so long."
This is a joint project with the municipality of harsdorf, whose mayor gunther hubner admits: "we could only afford this flood protection for the lower-lying residential areas of harsdorf together with the freeway embankment as a protective wall." Umpteen years ago there had been problems with flooding here. Now, a calculation of the runoff model has shown that there is a risk of flooding if a retention structure is not created. With the closure of the haselbach, the danger from the altenreuther bach is more manageable."
With the new "haselbach" rainwater retention basin more than 100,000 cubic meters of storage volume will be created. The mayor: "it is then even an emergency drainage through the zettmeiseler autobahn bridge up to a 1000-year flood possible. So the water can be dammed up so high without anything happening."
The pure flood protection costs around 450,000 euros, the share of the municipality of harsdorf is around 100,000 euros. With the common basin, the actual rainwater retention of the autobahn can be omitted, and so the autobahn directorate, and thus the federal government, participates in these costs. According to michael probst, the huge embankment alone directly adjacent to the highway involves around 50,000 cubic meters of earth being moved by the construction vehicles.
Finally, in november and december of this year, logging will begin, because about 50 hectares of forest must be cleared. Before that the telecommunication cable should be laid along the highway.
The chief construction advisor is not pleased with the rain of the past few days: "for earthworks, this weather is naturally catastrophic. This has already slowed us down a bit, but we still have room to breathe."


Fast food – 50 years of mcdonald’s in germany

95 penny. That’s how much a hamburger costs when the u.S. Burger chain mcdonald’s opens on 4. December 1971 opened its first (west) german location in munich. Apart from that, the menu at that time only included cheeseburgers, french fries, coca-cola, soda and coffee.

Today, mcdonald’s is the world leader in burger chains, with over 38.000 sites around the globe and 1448 in germany. And there are more to come: "we have a stated growth target for the next few years and are actively looking for new sites," says a spokesperson.

The company’s expansion also reflects the social changes of the past decades. "The seventies saw an awakening of interest in food and food culture, and also in international cuisine," says margareta buning-fesel, director of the federal center for food (bzfe). "That’s why there was also a gross openness to fast food and ready meals."


Bad kissingen constituency has three women in berlin

As a "mega-result" yesterday, the day after the federal election, dorothee bar described her performance in the constituency. After the first projection of 38 percent for the CSU, she herself had no longer expected a figure of more than 50 percent. "You can never completely escape a national trend", she says. She sees the fact that it ended up being the third-best first-past-the-post result in bavaria and the tenth-best in the whole of germany as a major success.

Yesterday in munich, bar spent several hours analyzing the outcome of the election together with the CSU executive committee. The fact that not a single candidate made it onto the bundestag list is something she very much regrets. Just on the list could be placed the candidates of young, women’s or middle class union. "In the case of a direct mandate, of course, it is not possible to ensure this balance." Bar herself entered the bundestag twice via the list before succeeding direct candidate eduard lintner in 2009.

"I really put my back into it," says bar, bar looks back on the strenuous election campaign. And it goes on: yesterday, after the board meeting, she went on the tv show "hart, aber fair" (tough but fair), today in berlin, among other things, the election of the head of the state group is on the agenda. According to bar, her current boss alexander dobrindt will take over. This has consequences: "if he becomes head of the regional party, he will not be part of the new government, is determined that the transport minister will not continue. However, she did not comment on what this means for her and whether she will remain parliamentary secretary of state. First of all, the coalition negotiations had to be conducted now. "Everyone has the duty to talk to everyone, she gives as a motto. "A lot of divisive and a lot of common", sees cash with the greens and the FDP, and: "it depends a lot on the content and the people involved."


Corona: “senseless” eating to survive

Corona: 'senseless' eating to survive

On sundays there was rouladen and klobe. They tasted like nothing. Just like the chocolate and the tea. But the body must be strengthened. And that’s why trixi, michael and julius zapf eat everything that once tasted good to them. "Sense"-off, full of memories. The whole family has corona. The sense of taste and smell is gone. All three are at home in quarantane. "Blob did not have to go to the hospital", says trixi, who got the worst of it.

She’s been battling the virus for two and a half weeks – and still has symptoms. Her husband and son were allowed to leave the house for the first time in 14 days. Trixi not yet.

It all started with signs of a flu-like infection. Since trixi press-zapf works in the old people’s home in rodental, her family doctor took a swab immediately. Because of the symptoms – neck, limbs and extreme headaches – she was written off sick for two days. "On the third day there was a loss of taste and smell, and a dry cough. Then it was clear to me: I have corona!"