City council agrees: clear sludge to pellets

Bernhard panzer in its last meeting, the city council made a decision on the disposal of clear sludge. The board agreed with the proposal of the main and finance committee.

So in the future, drying and pelletizing will be done on the land of the own clearing plant. Then the clear sludge is taken away to be burned.

Topic biogas plants

In the meeting, the head of the civil engineering office, christian bendler, also addressed proposals that had been raised by the agenda group in the meantime and were also mentioned in the meeting. According to this, the clear sludge could be brought to local biogas plants, so that it could be further utilized there.


Tesla plant not to start until next week

Tesla chief elon musk’s demands for an immediate opening of the e-car plant in california have fallen on granite with local authorities despite the corona crisis.

Alameda county health department won’t allow production to ramp up until next week. Preliminary inspections will be allowed this week, the agency said wednesday. In cooperation with the police, they will make sure that tesla employees keep the safety distance and other requirements, they said.

California attorney general xavier becerra told CNBC that his office will enforce compliance "if necessary.


Vg ladies celebrate fifth tie-break victory

The regional league volleyball players of VG bamberg celebrated their third victory in the second round and the fifth tie-break success of the current season with a 3-2 win over TSV obergunzburg. With the two points won, they are still in sixth place, but have increased their lead over the relegation zone to five points.

As has often been the case this season, the volley ballarinas’ improvisational skills.Ballarinas and their coach bekim aliu asked. Due to the flu-related absence of anna michel and britta lohneib, the ladies from the cathedral city had to do without their two regular players. But cornelia schmitt from the second team came back to the team.

Unusual starting formation

The volley started with a somewhat unusual starting formation.Ballarina’s set 1: diagonal attacker kasia trojan acted as a player, the recovered nadine rupp moved from the auben to the diagnonal position. The first rallies were on the side of volley.Ballarinas was a bit chaotic at first, so that coach bekim aliu felt forced to react early on. He brought in player cornelia schmitt for nadine rupp. This change should pay off in the further course of the game. Although the volley.Ballarinas could not prevent the loss of the first set, but continued to find each other and integrated cornelia schmitt well into their game.


Two teams, 142 goals, a direct duel

Two teams, 142 goals, a direct duel

On sunday at 14.30 o'clock something like the who-is-who of A-class 3 will meet when spvgg reuth (2.) the leader from pretzfeld to the infranken-kick expected. Four of the five best goal scorers in the league meet each other. Rafael porzelt has already scored 23 times, his counterpart at the reuth team is marcel frankenstein, who scored 19 goals. In addition, volkan gula, who will meet his former club, and michael streibel, both of whom have already scored 13 goals for the visitors. There should be a lot of things to do, or?

A-class 3 ER/PEG

Spvgg reuth (2.) -SV pretzfeld (1.)
"i don't expect it to be 0-0," smiles reuth coach sinan tosun, who is drawing strength from the first leg in particular, when the spvgg won 3-1. "We didn't stand a chance and deserved to lose," recalls SV coach jorg rosch, who was absent from his team during the week due to vacation, but will be back on matchday. "We want to make the game more open in any case," says rosch about the goal. And womoglich the run, which the kicker from the kirschendorf currently have, take along. Pretzfeld has only lost twice this season. At the beginning of the round against reuth and in the middle of october against the SG pinzberg/gosberg, makes a total of 36 points and means the sovereign table leadership. "That's why we can go to reuth relatively relaxed," adds rosch, knowing that his team will still be top of the table after the game, no matter how it ends. The pretzfelder spielertrainer of course had nothing against a victory, then already eight points between the two top clubs would lie.

Reuth, however, recently had a small weak phase and got only one point from the last two games. "We actually played quite well, were the better team in both games, but didn't score the goals," explains tosun, who himself only wants to intervene in emergencies – as in the last game.


Commitment to the next

For the 15-year-old jan sturzenberger it was a matter of course. However, he told an apartment owner on 22. February’s life may have been saved by his courageous efforts.
The smoke development during the fire, which the young firefighter noticed from the sidewalk, made him react immediately. He quickly fetched a fire extinguisher from his grandfather next door and hurried to the upstairs apartment of the house to extinguish the fire. As a result, there was only one person slightly injured, who was able to be released from the hospital a short time later.

District fire chief benno metz called this courageous intervention of the young man a "shining example" in the district. What they had learned in the fire department certainly had an effect here. Metz also highlighted the praising words from the police recording in this case. Here it was also pointed out that the young man with the fire extinguisher reacted quickly and thus provided essential help.
The case showed that firefighting is necessary and that training should start in schools, emphasized benno metz. The brave young firefighter received praise for his efforts as well as a present and a movie voucher from mayor gotthard schlereth (CSU/).

The mission is priceless

the center of attention of the day of honor in the town hall of oberthulba was of course the longstanding active members of the fire department. "We appreciate you doing this service. It’s not always easy to immediately wake up when the radio alarm goes off or the alarm siren blares, emphasized schlereth. His thanks also went to the employers who allow these necessary deployments to take place. District administrator thomas bold (CSU) agreed: "without fire departments, we would be lost in the countryside. We couldn’t do this on a full-time basis, it was simply priceless."

District administrator bold did not close his eyes to the challenges either. The fire departments are well equipped. Now the changeover to digital radio is not just a financial challenge. The transition in handling also requires more effort. Praise paid to bold for youth training.


Reorganization of vw leadership preceded eclat about this

reorganization of vw leadership preceded eclat about this

Nerves are on edge in wolfsburg. Once again. But currently as clear as perhaps not since the beginning of "dieselgate" almost five years ago.

VW group boss herbert diess hands over leadership of the main brand in the world’s largest car group. Voluntarily and out of his own insight – or does he have to hand it in?? Is it a last warning to the manager who likes to appear offensive and dashing, after the problems and communication breakdowns piled up in the past months?? Official presentation: this company must be given "more freedom" for strategic tasks. Unofficial reading among some: he could still be happy to at least continue to control the entire company.

At volkswagen, they are almost used to power struggles, conflicts of interest and other disputes – much to the chagrin of the employees, who repeatedly see their company cast in a bad light. But now the top manager may have overstepped the mark in the dispute over responsibility for mistakes.


Survey on the election in bamberg: strong unopposed, grunes beat csu

Survey on the election in bamberg: strong unopposed, grunes beat csu

In the bamberg election on 15. Marz, there are signs of a neck-and-neck race – probably not for the chair in city hall, since incumbent andreas starke (SPD) seems to be sitting pretty securely in the saddle, but for the leadership role in the city council: a representative survey of 282 voters commissioned by the FT from the pragma institute sees the grunen (around 25 percent) just ahead of the strongest party in the city council so far, the CSU (just under 23 percent). The SPD is likely to slip back as well: according to the poll, it now only has 18 percent (2014: 21.5 percent). That would be 3rd place. "The greens are strong in all age cohorts, go through the roof among young voters", explains martin messingschlager of the pragma institute.

How burgerblock, bambergs unabhangige burger, bamberger allianz and freie wahler are performing

Due to the rough number of 14 lists, the doctor of social science expects a patchwork quilt in the new city council: "it will be the most colorful city council we have ever had." In addition to the CSU, SPD and grune, the bamberger allianz (BA), the burgerblock (BBB), bambergs unabhangige burger (BUB), the FDP, the bamberger linke, the freie wahler (), the afd, bambergs mitte, volt, the odp and the party will be running.

According to the survey, tscherners burgerblock is ahead of BUB, BA and (5 percent each) with 6 percent, and the other groups account for the remaining 13 percent. Messingschlager says that it is not possible to predict with any certainty who of the remaining parties will ultimately be elected to the city council and how many seats they will have. However, the afd will probably be represented by at least one seat, as will the left-wing party.


Why the jakobus church in fischbach is pleasantly out of time

The verdict of our tester:

A service that was well worth attending. The more than 500-year-old jakobus church has a charm all of its own. Although it shows its age, it does not look outdated or even in need of renovation. On the contrary, it has a pleasant freshness. The sermon was also pleasantly fresh, although it was rather long at almost 15 minutes. The way the pastor explained the importance of shepherds in the time of jesus and how the image of the good shepherd is to be interpreted today made it easy for the faithful to follow her words.

Less pleasing, however, are the many seats that remained empty in the rather small church. Many of the faithful seem to have a kind of regular seat on which they sit. This leads to many people sitting in a row even for themselves. Perhaps it would make more sense to open the galleries only when there are more visitors, so that the benches in the lower area are better filled.

What the age of the church also means, by the way, is that it is designed for people with a body size that was common in the early modern era. If you are taller than 1.90 meters, you should keep your head down when you step through the entrance door because of the two wooden galleries.


Debate about changing values: fans increase pressure on dfb and dfl

debate about changing values: fans increase pressure on dfb and dfl

For many fan scenes, there is no way forward in german professional soccer. Numerous organizations have joined forces to form an alliance called "unser fubball" ("our soccer") and are increasing the pressure on the DFL, the DFB and the clubs in the debate about changing the values of the bundesliga.

"We don’t want to go back to a broken system. We call on clubs and federations to act before the start of the coming season," it says in an appeal published on wednesday.

In the afternoon, the DFL showed itself to be open to the new alliance, but also referred in a statement to the current timetable. "The DFL also thinks it’s necessary to talk about possible changes in german soccer. For this purpose, there will be a task force on the future of professional soccer involving a wide range of stakeholders, including fan representatives, starting in september at the latest," the DFL announced. The fans specifically demand "a credible basic resolution and the introduction of concrete reforms".


Sahra wagenknecht cooks at “grill den profi

Sahra wagenknecht cooks at 'grill den profi

Left-wing party leader sahra wagenknecht joins the cooking show “grill den profi”. In the vox transmission already world champions, olympia winner and guests from the high nobility at the stove to see were, but never yet an active federal politician, communicated the transmitter on wednesday.

This is also a premiere for wagenknecht (48): “this is the first time she has taken part in an entertainment show.This is an exciting challenge,” the left-wing politician explains at the beginning of the program. “And i”ll be honest: i”m more excited than when i want to go to “anne” or “maybrit illner go!”

Asked about reactions from her faction, wagenknecht says: "they were all completely horrified and said, ‘for god’s sake, don’t do that! You’re a serious woman, you can’t cook in public." But that didn’t impress me that much."Wagenknecht plays along for the day’s victory and a donation for a good cause together with actor daniel donskoy ("sankt maik"), presenter lutz van der horst ("heute-show") as well as chef-coach mario kotaska. According to the broadcaster, they have only one goal in common: to "grill" professional chef ali gungormus.