“Wind music? Shocked us at first”

We talked to the director of the musicalcompany nurnberg, claudia dorr, about the special challenges of the "magic musical moments" speaking for the 18 sangers. How did the members of your company react when they were asked to perform musical classics with a wind orchestra??

Claudia dorr: they were shocked at first. We have worked with smaller blues orchestras so far. But when we looked at some clips of performances of the blaserphilharmonie forchheim on the net, we were convinced that this could work out.

What is the special challenge??


Railroad ag: work causes trouble

The list of complaints sent to bahn AG is long. It ranges from overhanging paving stones and uneven drainage channels to improperly executed movement joints and unsuitable joint material. Above all with the two-sided binding of the steinhauerplatz one is not content. Emil lauterbach (CSU/NWG), who is on site almost every day, describes the performance of the subcontractor ITG as follows: "they don’t do any work right the first time. Most of it is torn out again first."
For reasons unknown to the municipality, the work on the sidewalk in berliner strabe has just been stopped, so that the children have to be guided across the street by the school crossing helpers. "Plotzlich is to be set up at the edge of the railroad as a demarcation a gelander, which is not present in the plans so far", mayor werner diersch (SPD/WG) describes the current situation and continues: "at the moment there is a lack of information and contact from the railroad."

The council is also concerned about the special mull of the torn out track systems including substructure, which is on the so-called "gypsy parking lot" was deposited on the county road to lindau. Friedrich weinlein (WB) also criticized the fact that no safety measures had been taken by the disposing company.

Apropos "storage places of the bahn AG": the whole material, which was needed for the new tracks and the new middle platform at the station and is still needed, has been stored for months on the land between the "old" and the "new" station TSV sports field and the railroad line. The use as a storage area was approved by the municipality under the assurance that it would be restored to its original condition. In the responsibility is also here the company "ingenieurbau+tiefbau+gleisbau" from stralsund.


Who owns fubball? – rummenigge against ultras

Who owns fubball? - rummenigge against ultras

In the debate about a change in values in soccer, karl-heinz rummenigge has criticized demands from ultra groups and thus met with incomprehension from organized fans.

The chairman of the management board of FC bayern munchen also criticized the naming of a new alliance, countering the 64-year-old’s views. After the difficult relationship between clubs, associations and ultras faded into the background during the ghost game period, the discussion is picking up again after the founding of "unser fubball" and with the open question of the return of fans to bundesliga stadiums.

"Unfortunately, we have now reached a point where all i ever read from the ultras is: we demand this, we demand that. Now they wanted a say in the debate about the distribution of TV money," rummenigge told "sport bild". "But if all i ever do is demand, but am never prepared to take on duties and responsibilities, it ends up being a one-way street."


Angela merkel in erlangen: hot-tempered but not heated

On wednesday evening, just in time for the sudden return of summer, german chancellor angela merkel (CDU) also made a stop at the town hall square in erlangen on her election campaign tour through the region.

The spectators, waiting in the sweltering heat since late afternoon, buried already around 18.30 o'clock sky presenter claudia von brauchitsch. Despite rows filled with invited CSU guests, the mood could not really arise to the sound of schlager. Restraint, until "mutti comes?

Angela merkel in erlangen – more pictures here


Praised by bustling strabe

If you browse through historical views of coburg, you’ll find the veste, ehrenburg, morizkirche, various city gates, handsome mansions, and perhaps even the rittersteichschlosschen (little knight’s pond castle). But views of the hahn river or the hahn path are hardly to be discovered. But the hahnweg had some meaning for coburg.

Actually there were two hahnwege, the upper and the lower one, which became the rosenauer strabe. The strabe takes its name from the hahn river, which in the middle ages was laid out parallel to the itz over a length of 3800 meters. It probably fed the rittersteich, was used by mills and tanners, and fed into the city stream. Next to the hahnmuhle (today a hotel) stood the hahntor, of which there are only a few replicas: it was demolished in 1803.

Duke ernst I. From saxony-coburg and gotha dear at the beginning of the 19. The rosenauer strabe was extended at the beginning of the twentieth century. Under his son, duke ernst II., the land was further developed: a bathing meadow was created (probably mainly for the military), from which a bathing establishment grew. From 1875 it was called "hahnweg" city swimming school. A year earlier the hahnweg north of it had been rebuilt.


Teichmuhlen tradition lives on

30 years of the muhlenverein are 30 years of work, 30 years of commitment by the many volunteers who are involved with body and soul in front of and behind the scenes.
When on 6. April 1987 the club was founded, there were twelve foundation members. The then mayor of steinwiesen, reinhold renk, supported the idea, as did karl hundt as the then district curator of local history and the then district administrator, heinz kohler. First chairman became martin beierschoder.
From the beginning michael kestel was a pillar of the association. First as second chairman and from 2003 until today as first chairman. Since 1987, the association has regularly organized guided tours for visitors on sundays from 2 to 5 p.M. From may to october. For groups of five or more people, tours are also offered during the week by arrangement with the tourist office.

500.Anniversary of the muhle celebrated

Since 2003 the mill association also took over the cutting operation in the pond muhle. This stood at the time already two years still, because the owner had not found a tenant. Since then, the members bernhard schlee and bernhard lang cut the muhlholz once or twice a week. A major event in the 30-year history of the association was the 500th anniversary of the founding of the company. The jubilee of the pond muhle, which was celebrated in 2007 and became known beyond the borders of the country.

Last remaining cutting mill

The pond muhle steinwiesen is the last remaining cutting muhle still in operation today and at the same time a non-governmental museum and thus open to the public. During the tours you can also see the four meter high and one meter wide mill wheel. It has a flow of 1000 liters per second, reaching its maximum power of almost 7 hp. After that, the water continues to flow unspent.
Today we are struggling for renewable energy, more than nine centuries ago our ancestors have already used this in the frankenwaldmuhlen. Very interesting is also the royal bavarian full iron gate, which is demonstrably over 140 years old and still runs perfectly quiet and without vibrations. A unique selling point of the teichmuhle is the replica of the board float. You can also visit the needle weir, the oak pole, a display board, a wave tree, comb wheels and a basket wheel. Of course you can also see the mill shed and the poor dwelling of the miller’s family. Under the shed there is also a drive room with a transmission and a storage room.


Psv neustadt can consolidate table lead

For the top match of the young second division season, KV bad langensalza (4./4:2 points) at PSV franken neustadt (1./ 4:0).

The puppenstadter were able to keep their top position despite the match being abandoned in zollnitz, because bad langensalza put morenden bayreuth in their place after a strong performance.

2. DCU-kegler-bundesliga

PSV franken neustadt – KV bad langensalza


Climate gold is at risk

Climate gold is at risk

Bernhard panzer it will be difficult to carry out all the climate protection measures intended for the coming year. Because the corona pandemic is throwing a spanner in the works of many planners. Nevertheless, the planning and environment committee is expected to approve the project for 2021 at its meeting this tuesday evening.

For the coming year, the recertification of the city in the european energy award with gold is planned. This highest level was awarded to the energy team from herzogenaurach for the first time in november 2017. The company had already been awarded the climate protection prize twice before, in 2009 and 2013. Gold was awarded in 2017, among other things, for "energy-efficient, economical and sustainable construction and renovation in building management that goes beyond the legal requirements, and for the city’s CO2 reduction program, which subsidizes, for example, the removal of thermal insulation. This is what it says on the city’s homepage.

Next year’s recertification could be difficult, explained mayor german hacker (SPD) in an introduction to the meeting. Of course, the energy award remains the goal of all efforts. Nevertheless, it is rather difficult to implement the measures that are required for renewed gold under corona requirements. "If necessary, we will lose the title", said hacker. In this case, after the pandemic, it was possible to make a new effort.


The scherneck fire department will have to wait a while longer for its new vehicle

The scherneck fire department went out on a total of 69 calls in 2018. The first responders were called out 64 times for first aid, and the 30 active members of the fire department were called out to three fire calls and two technical assistance calls. The heavy rainfall event on ascension day, in which scherneck was also particularly affected, was mentioned in particular at the general meeting in the fire department’s home.

Commander frank weber remarked that many people from scherneck had not been too shy to take up the shovel and broom themselves during the storm. "Otherwise we would have been in action for several hours longer", emphasized the commander. Weber informed that the fire department had applied to the municipality for a new fire truck, there had been several meetings and discussions with municipal representatives. Regarding the structure of the fire department, weber said that there are currently 14 respiratory protection officers in scherneck. In 2018, the breathing apparatus was visited twice. Daniel reinmuller will resign after many years of service as a respiratory protection advisor. This task will be taken over by lukas weber in the future.

Weber was pleased that the fire brigade has three new recruits. The first responder group consists of ten active firefighters. Further one had taken the achievement badge of the levels I to III/6 in the past year.


Publishers versus google: criticism of copyright reform

The print media want to share in the profits of commercial search engines. This is what the coalition of union and FDP decided on sunday. With the reform of copyright law, the government wants to fulfill a long-standing demand of german newspaper and magazine publishers.

"Commercial providers on the net, such as search engine operators and news aggregators, should in future pay publishers a fee for the distribution of press products (such as newspaper articles) on the internet," the coalition’s resolution paper states. Private individuals will not be affected by the planned regulation because private use of press products on the net will remain free of charge. Even for companies, paper printouts and reading news on the screen remain free of charge.

The federal association of german newspaper publishers (BDZV) and the association of german magazine publishers (VDZ) see the new copyright law as a prerequisite for effectively protecting "the joint efforts of journalists and publishers" in the digital age. The levy is to be collected by a collecting society and distributed to the media.