Vg ladies celebrate fifth tie-break victory

The regional league volleyball players of VG bamberg celebrated their third victory in the second round and the fifth tie-break success of the current season with a 3-2 win over TSV obergunzburg. With the two points won, they are still in sixth place, but have increased their lead over the relegation zone to five points.

As has often been the case this season, the volley ballarinas’ improvisational skills.Ballarinas and their coach bekim aliu asked. Due to the flu-related absence of anna michel and britta lohneib, the ladies from the cathedral city had to do without their two regular players. But cornelia schmitt from the second team came back to the team.

Unusual starting formation

The volley started with a somewhat unusual starting formation.Ballarina’s set 1: diagonal attacker kasia trojan acted as a player, the recovered nadine rupp moved from the auben to the diagnonal position. The first rallies were on the side of volley.Ballarinas was a bit chaotic at first, so that coach bekim aliu felt forced to react early on. He brought in player cornelia schmitt for nadine rupp. This change should pay off in the further course of the game. Although the volley.Ballarinas could not prevent the loss of the first set, but continued to find each other and integrated cornelia schmitt well into their game.


Jan frodeno: “there are more important things than sport right now”

Jan frodeno: 'there are more important things than sport right now'

Actually, it was now the last weeks of preparation before the start of the season. In fact jan frodeno has to do the training for the 3.8 kilometer swim, 180.2 kilometer bike and 42.2 kilometer run at home.

The three-time ironman world champion (38) lives with his wife and two children in girona near barcelona. In spain, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a curfew.

How are you and your family?


Schneiderbanger remains chairman of sv zapfendorf

The new elections at the SV zapfendorf during the annual meeting confirmed the previous board team around matthias schneiderbanger. It became clear once again: no club in the region is affected by the upcoming ICE construction site as much as the zapfendorfer sports club. The main playing field will soon be eliminated.
The main playing field of the sports club can still be used until the end of november or the beginning of december – then it becomes a construction site. Because part of the roadway for the new zapfendorf north railroad crossing, which will serve as a replacement for the railroad crossing with barriers in the center of the town, runs over the square.

For this reason, the youth game has already been outsourced to the courts of the surrounding clubs. The training ground behind the sports center, which was originally intended as a storage area for the railroad construction site, will now be retained and has been levelled. For the moment, he is being spared for the second half of the year. Thus, the SV zapfendorf can continue to play its home games on its own land, which is extremely important for the club, but also for the managed sports house. After completion of the railroad expansion, the desire remains for an artificial turf playing field, which is to be built in addition to the training field.

The club turns 95 this year

Before the construction site starts, there will be a big celebration, because the club will be 95 years old this year and will be the second club in upper franconia – after the spvgg rattelsdorf – to be awarded the "golden diamond with ears" for the second time of the bavarian fubball federation lent. For this the SV zapfendorf invites on friday, 9. October, from 19 o’clock in the sporthaus a.


Ebermannstadt keeps its chance for rank 2

The basketball players of TSV ebermannstadt have, thanks to their ninth win in 13. The team still has the chance to finish the season as runners-up behind BBC coburg II, which has now pulled clear of the pack. On the last day of play (23.3.) it probably comes to the final against the two points better SV pettstadt, which could afford in view of the 66:56 in the first leg but a narrow defeat. BBF kups – TSV ebermannstadt 54:65

Although the hosts had only won three games so far, TSV did not take the encounter lightly. "For us, only victory pays", coach otto hauser tuned up his team in the dressing room. Due to absences due to illness, however, he had only nine participants at his disposal. But they wanted to do everything they could to make up for the narrow defeat against the league leaders from the previous week.

Sebastian metzner, kilian hack, thomas dippold, david schneider and sebastian wilhelm started very concentrated especially in defense and allowed the BBF only three points until the seventh minute. In the attack, they spearheaded good actions, which they successfully completed both under the basket and from auben. Already after the first quarter the guests were comfortably in the lead with 18:9. Only the allowed second chances criticized hauser in the break.


A real top match in sulzthal

SG sulzthal – SG aura 1:0 (0:0). Goal: david fischer (55.).

Top match and derby at the same time. It was clear that the cheers of the sulzthal team were even more frenetic than usual after the narrow victory over their neighbors, who had been level on points up to that point. Sulzthal are now the sole leaders in group 1, and still unbeaten, while the guests had to accept the first defeat of the season after this very competitive and fubballerisch nice match with chances on both sides. In the first half, the luck was distributed with two aluminum goals each, in addition, aura’s louis troll hit after a nice dribbling in front of the empty goal only the dust net.

Three chances in three minutes

The hosts had three chances within three minutes of the final whistle. A circumstance that threatened to revenge, because the guests coached by johannes baldauf with their kickers from aura, wittershausen and elfershausen after the change got upper water. And almost thought they were in the lead, but after two corner balls, the sulzler defense corners were able to clear twice on the line. "It became clear: whoever scores the first goal decides the game for himself. So it was to come", so aura’s supervisor thomas kolb.


The mayor and his stuck horse

The mayor and his stuck horse

In a carnival-like procession, the prinzengarde marched with many escorts from the town hall to the TSV sports home.

Mayor ralf nowak and the prinzengarde with prince and princess awaited the visitors in front of the town hall and at 19.19 o’clock it went off with the blowing music kraisdorf, which already nearly introduced the end of the funfte season calendrical: "on rosenmontag am ich geboren …" – and there were the first entertainers on the street. That was an atmospheric start to the carnival, in contrast to the rather dry programs in the meeting hall in previous years.

Because there seems to be a lack of "young fools" in pfarrweisach missing, the princess comes this season from the neighboring village lohr: princess katharina I. (katharina tag, 20) and stephan I. (stephan gottel, 23).


History repeats itself

History repeats itself

The 1. FC koln is omnipresent in the springer household: the skyline of the rhine metropolis hangs as a mural above the television in the living room, the three children were all born in koln and are FC fans. The forchheimer played there for eight years, and from 1998 to 2006 he experienced sporting successes as well as low blows. Three times he was promoted, three times he was relegated, it was the wild kolscher years in the elevator between the upper and lower divisions. The 46-year-old has long since returned to his francophone homeland and coaches the spvgg jahn forchheim in the bavarian league. But the FC does not let him go – just now, as the "effzeh" standing at the bottom of the table with only three points.

Mr. Springer, when you look at the bundesliga table: how rough is the pressure of suffering??
Christian springer: the heart bleeds, no question about it. It’s the first season in a long time that I’m emotionally closer to the FC again, hooked by reaching the europa league. Club and city, all have longed to be allowed to present themselves again in europe after 25 years. The fact that thousands of fans went to the first game in london without tickets is crazy, but underlines the desire to show that the rough FC is back. In my time, we were as far away from international success as we were from the moon, and in all those years it was just a matter of survival. And now follows such a season of extreme, that is really bitter.

Now, with the 0:1 in belgrade, the european league exit came. Well played, again no goal scored. Symptomatic of this season?
A decision had to be made long ago, where the focus is: bundesliga or europe. In the DFB cup is koln also still there. It is difficult to do justice to all three competitions, especially in this situation with all the failures and injuries. The bundesliga-spiel on sunday against freiburg is enormously important, now one has left in belgrade but again korner, the recovery time is too short there. The strategy is currently missing, and someone who communicates it clearly to auben. The old FC shines through. One had the successes in europa and in the cup herausstellen and also say that a relegation from the bundesliga is an accident that can be repaired.


Who owns fubball? – rummenigge against ultras

Who owns fubball? - rummenigge against ultras

In the debate about a change in values in soccer, karl-heinz rummenigge has criticized demands from ultra groups and thus met with incomprehension from organized fans.

The chairman of the management board of FC bayern munchen also criticized the naming of a new alliance, countering the 64-year-old’s views. After the difficult relationship between clubs, associations and ultras faded into the background during the ghost game period, the discussion is picking up again after the founding of "unser fubball" and with the open question of the return of fans to bundesliga stadiums.

"Unfortunately, we have now reached a point where all i ever read from the ultras is: we demand this, we demand that. Now they wanted a say in the debate about the distribution of TV money," rummenigge told "sport bild". "But if all i ever do is demand, but am never prepared to take on duties and responsibilities, it ends up being a one-way street."