Too many mistakes at the start

Too many mistakes at the start

This year many things were different. The A-team of the latin formation of the TV coburg-ketschendorf had not reached the self-set goals in the last season. The head coach andre heller drew the consequences and changed many things. The choreography "hot stuff was no longer danced after only one year. With "final countdown, which particularly demands the dancing skills of the team members, the team broke new ground.

Many new dancers from the B-team and the school team were integrated into the A-team and raised to the level of the regional league in numerous training sessions, also outside the normal training schedule.

Marc holland seriously injured

"All the new team members have shown an extremely high level of commitment", says andre heller, head coach of the A-team. "Such an increase in performance in such a short time is not self-evident."


Fascination of the celestial bodies

Fascination of the celestial bodies

My father explains our night sky to me every saturday. For all those who are now wondering: no, you didn’t learn the wrong motto for the planetary system in school. But sometimes it is also time for such rough systems like the universe to rearrange itself.
This is not news, but many of the visitors who came to the "evening of the open door" were very interested came to the sternwarte feuerstein were a bit astonished. As early as 2006, pluto was stripped of its planetary status by the international astronomical union. Since then, it has been dubbed the dwarf planet.
Also the fact that a day does not have 24 hours, but only 23 hours and 56 minutes due to the earth’s own movement, must have been new for some guests. Frank fleischmann, graduate physicist and chairman of the association observatory forchheim, explained to the audience passionately and very vividly numerous astronomical phenomena, their origin and meaning.
A journey through the infinite vastness, stopping for example at the shooting stars. Shooting stars? Aren’t they the yellow lights that make us wish for the most beautiful things when they appear?? First correct. But the next time we look into the sky, we can’t turn off our knowledge about it any more. Grains of sand from space hit the earth’s atmosphere at a speed of about 50 kilometers per second (that’s about the distance from ebermannstadt to nurnberg in one second). The sand grain is first slowed down by the air molecules. The friction heats the particle – also called meteorite – up to 3000 degrees. The surrounding air is made to glow and the meteorite becomes a meteor, which we colloquially refer to as a shooting star.
To illustrate this, frank fleischmann makes a simple comparison: "let’s take a cup of coffee and let milk drip into it. The surface tension causes the droplet to snap upwards. So similarly we can see the formation of central mountains in lunar craters."
One visitor in particular watches the spinning telescope attentively: david gotz. Already the lecture he could inspire by his astronomical knowledge and interest. Unfortunately, the cloud cover was too dense this evening to dare a look through the telescope. But the eleven-year-old is relaxed about it: "I’ve never looked through a telescope before, but that’s not so bad. I am especially interested in the beautiful astro-images, the black holes and the saturn rings."
The student from ebermannstadt doesn’t know yet if this passion will become a profession, but one thing is for sure: "so much fascination for the material that surrounds us is infectious and shows once again how small we humans appear in the face of the mighty nature."


There are 450 winners at the swimming festival

"Water basketball and the great slide" for timo (7), from class 1A at the don bosco school in stappenbach, the most interesting stops on the 14-day trip were a bicycle and a car. Swimming festival of the forderschools in the aquarena leisure pool in zapfendorf. His classmate elias (8) can’t decide what he liked best. To a short "actually everything" he is then ready to get back to the sublimes he has brought with him.

The two boys are for the first time at this swim festival. Her teacher karin pleyer, on the other hand, is already 14 years old. For the first time there and already in the apron in the extensive organization work with had been involved. She appreciates "the pleasant and beautiful atmosphere in the zapfendorf pool" and the "welcome change for their proteges. "Having fun together is very important for the children of the ford schools", says the teacher.

In addition to the forderschule from stappenbach, this year the martin-wiesend-schule, bartolomeo-garelli school, bertold-scharfenberg school, von lerchenfeld school, giechburgschule scheblitz and a cooperative class from the volksschule burgebrach will be on site. The participation of a cooperative class turns the event into an integrative swimming festival. For the first time, it brought together all the ford schools in the city and district of bamberg. Nowhere else in upper franconia is there such an offer.


What will the next square look like in the future??

What makes a square a square? Is it the reduced street space, the pavement or a few newly planted trees?? Such questions were discussed by the round of residents, interested burghers and councillors that mayor werner knaier had invited to the town hall to examine the first drafts of a redesigned nebtfellplatz as part of the urban development program.
Knaier presented the variants proposed by the tramway department and the city planning department. The key point of these proposals is a shift in the street junctions that converge on the square from the direction of prichsenstadt, from geesdorf and from the town center. The traffic island with the lamp in the middle should disappear altogether. Trees are to be planted where there is now a small traffic island in front of the lang property. Under these, in turn, parking lots are to be created.
In order to be able to test the proposed roadway, the two existing traffic islands will be removed in the near future. Plastic curbs will then mark the street lines. "We are trying out on site how the different traffic flows will be preserved, especially with regard to the heavy bus traffic to the grammar school and the main school", the mayor declared.
Dietmar knauer, an independent architect and burgher from wiesentheide, had already studied the design of the square in detail. For him, the design presented does not go far enough. He pleaded for a right-angled crossing from the prichsenstadter side, contrary to the planned trailing curve. "Otherwise, a lot of space will be wasted. And such an intersection is also much safer." That at this entrance there are two trees on the left and on the right as "entrance gate" the idea of a new post also met with approval in his proposal. He envisages a more comprehensive design with rest areas, green stelae or a fountain.

Calm or not?

"I can very much support this idea of creating a fully calm square", resident rosemarie lang agreed with the architect’s proposal. Anders gunter wehr, who has also lived on the square since his youth. He saw a clear problem concerning the planned parking spaces under the trees coming to the residents. "Young people move out of the center of town if they have to park somewhere far away. It can’t all be car-free." And mayor knaier also said: "the businesses won’t shout hurrah if customers are no longer allowed to park directly in front of the tur."
Councilman michael ruckel sees the design of the square as a first phase. His proposal: a compromise between functionality and appearance until the bypass is completed and the traffic calming measures in the city are in place. "We need to build in such a variety of ways that a redesign in a few years is an option."
Resident hans-peter lang also has serious doubts about the feasibility of the redesign with the current heavy traffic of trucks and buses. Then ruckel: "maybe the trucks will avoid the inner city and choose the second exit from the B286 directly into the industrial area, if it gets tighter at the nebtfellplatz."
Another idea was put forward by paul schug. "The moslerhaus at the bottleneck is for sale. Couldn’t they rub it off and put parking lots in its place?"
All suggestions were taken on board and recorded. "This is not yet the solution I am presenting today, but an initial collection of ideas", knaier recalled and thanked for the lively discussion. Detailed work is to follow.
But first, a date on 18. And 19. The first phase of the project will take place in april with the tram construction office in order to test the feasibility of the proposed tram route on site.


Everything depends on the internet connection

The casimirianum was pretty well prepared for the corona crisis in spring. As a partner school in the digital school 2020 pilot project, it was able to test its know-how under stressful conditions. "The school was able to react flexibly to problems with the online channels, which were overloaded at the beginning of the crisis, thanks to the broad knowledge of possible alternatives that existed among the staff", school superintendent burkhardt spachmann states. That’s why the casimirians are starting the new school year in good spirits. For others, especially elementary schools, the switch to digital education means jumping in at the deep end. A teacher from neuses describes the positive aspects: "I have noticed that we can cope well with this unusual situation for our school because we are all pulling together. That gave me a lot of strength and the courage to try new things and go unfamiliar ways."The bottom line, however, is that profitable homeschooling via videoconferencing depends on a good internet connection. And unfortunately, not all schools have access to it. The teacher calls this the "major construction site" – independent of the need for further training among teachers.

In our survey, the city of coburg also received high praise for the support and maintenance of the computers. Unlike in the district, it’s system administrators from the information and communications technology office who take care of the equipment in the schools. The situation in the new school year is different from that in the spring. Homeschooling no longer comes as a surprise. "I have it in mind as a possible scenario", says teacher from neuses. This is changing the way schools are prepared for the start of the school year. Reading, arithmetic and writing hours even more in focus in terms of content. The feedback from the families about the homeschooling time has helped. We now know where the problem lies and what is needed. Office 365 had also improved the technical requirements enormously.


A traffic light as a special feature: in hohnhausen, the local thoroughfare can now be used.

Hohnhausen is the first village in the habberg district to have a traffic light at a bottleneck. But that's not the only special feature that came with the new thoroughfare: during the rehabilitation of the past two years, the drinking water and wastewater sewers were also relocated, so the county road now looks completely different with new sidewalks and open spaces. This has "not only improved the appearance of the town, but also the quality of life in the community", emphasized landrat wilhelm schneider at the official opening on tuesday afternoon in hohnhausen.

Almost the entire village was on its feet to take part in the small ceremony, which particularly pleased the district administrator and manfred rott from the tram construction office. Rott praised the fact that in this case, the work had been carried out jointly by the construction workers and the citizens.

2.1 million euros cost

District administrator schneider then revealed the costs: the rehabilitation of the 350-meter-long local thoroughfare, including the underground networks, new sidewalks and asphalting, cost around 2.1 million euro. Of this amount, 900,000 euros were eligible for funding. 807,000 euros went to the county, while the market town of burgpreppach had to contribute 1.3 million euros. 720,000 euros came in the form of a grant from the government of lower franconia.


No reaching for the shelves after six o’clock in hochstadt

No reaching for the shelves after six o'clock in hochstadt

Helga troche has a very pragmatic solution when it comes to the question of longer opening hours: if a customer is still in the store, he can stay beyond closing time. That's what you call service. Helga troche has had the shoe store named after her at the city tower for 21 years now. The woman has experience. Also with the attempt to keep her shop open longer than usual in the hochstadt town center. "We tried it out for 14 days, but hardly anyone came between 6 and 8 p.M. "No one comes to the city center that late anymore."

There have already been some considerations and tests among retailers to leave the doors of their stores open up to the legally permissible limit. But this is difficult if not everyone follows suit. "You have to make it easy for the customer. It would be good if the customers knew: "they are all open until 8 p.M.", says thomas schmidhuber of the riegler tobacco shop. So but it has no sense. Only together it goes.

Confusion over opening times


Memmingen amok: motive was love affliction

memmingen amok: motive was love affliction

His girlfriend broke up with him the day before, said court spokesman manfred murbe. "He felt unfairly treated by her."The schoolboy is charged with, among other things, two counts of attempted manslaughter.

On 22. May 2012 the teenager had fired a shot at memmingen’s linden school, triggering an amok alert. Later he shot with sharp weapons of his father on a sports field several times around itself. The approximately 280 students of the middle school fled with their teachers into the classrooms and entrenched themselves therein. Only after several hours of negotiations were special forces able to persuade the then 14-year-old to give himself up. Previously, he is said to have shot partially aimed in the direction of the police officers. More than 70 cartridge cases were seized. No one was injured.

The public is excluded from the proceedings before the youth chamber in memmingen. Court spokesman murbe reported that the boy had appeared "composed but withdrawn" during his testimony. He admitted to using weapons to enter his school and later to shoot at people and cars. According to his own statements, he had a "total blackout". Why he took the weapons with him to school, he could not explain today.


In martinsheim: dogs must be kept on a leash

In martinsheim: dogs must be kept on a leash

Now there is also in martinsheim a dog regulation which regulates the leash obligation, after before already several times had been discussed about it. This was decided by the martinsheim community council in its meeting on monday evening in the old school in martinsheim.

Other municipalities in the administrative community of marktbreit had already passed corresponding ordinances in previous years, so these could be used as examples. The council quickly agreed that leashes should be compulsory in towns and 100 meters around villages. Moreover, this also applies in the area of aussiedlerhofen or similar auberortlichen buildings. The idea of designating special areas in the meadow where leashing is not compulsory and otherwise extending it to the entire parish area was, however, rejected. This was not only very complicated, but also legally problematic, some municipal councils found.

The building application for the renovation and conversion of the old school in unterickelsheim into a residential building with three residential units was approved. However, the ev.-luth. Parish church foundation unterickelsheim agree, because the building is next to the church which is a single monument. The old school itself is not a listed building informed burgermeister rainer ott.


Railroad ag: work causes trouble

The list of complaints sent to bahn AG is long. It ranges from overhanging paving stones and uneven drainage channels to improperly executed movement joints and unsuitable joint material. Above all with the two-sided binding of the steinhauerplatz one is not content. Emil lauterbach (CSU/NWG), who is on site almost every day, describes the performance of the subcontractor ITG as follows: "they don’t do any work right the first time. Most of it is torn out again first."
For reasons unknown to the municipality, the work on the sidewalk in berliner strabe has just been stopped, so that the children have to be guided across the street by the school crossing helpers. "Plotzlich is to be set up at the edge of the railroad as a demarcation a gelander, which is not present in the plans so far", mayor werner diersch (SPD/WG) describes the current situation and continues: "at the moment there is a lack of information and contact from the railroad."

The council is also concerned about the special mull of the torn out track systems including substructure, which is on the so-called "gypsy parking lot" was deposited on the county road to lindau. Friedrich weinlein (WB) also criticized the fact that no safety measures had been taken by the disposing company.

Apropos "storage places of the bahn AG": the whole material, which was needed for the new tracks and the new middle platform at the station and is still needed, has been stored for months on the land between the "old" and the "new" station TSV sports field and the railroad line. The use as a storage area was approved by the municipality under the assurance that it would be restored to its original condition. In the responsibility is also here the company "ingenieurbau+tiefbau+gleisbau" from stralsund.