Csu nominates martin as mayoral candidate

Csu nominates martin as mayoral candidate

On saturday evening, the CSU schondra elected the incumbent mayor bernold martin as its top candidate for the 2020 municipal elections without any opposing candidates. He received 100 percent approval from the voting members present at the well-attended nomination meeting.

With bernold martin, the CSU schondra had a very experienced and competent incumbent who, with his expertise and his competence in local politics, saw his commitment to the community as a vocation and could demonstrate a successful track record for the community in recent years, according to the chairman of the CSU local association, roman jorg.

Exciting times

After bernold martin accepted the election, he thanked the board in his short speech for the trust and support and drew a first balance from the last six years, which, according to martin, were marked by countless small and large projects, encounters and exciting times.


Danndorf fire department: fire protection improved with new vehicle

The danndorf fire department is delighted to have a new emergency vehicle: the 99.400-euro journey now officially handed over to the troops by mayor robert bosch (CSU). Bosch recalled that the mainleus municipal council had approved the purchase – which was to be made at 24.200 euro was demanded by the free state – has already decided in may 2019.

The vehicle is equipped with a 500 meter long smart unit and replaces the previous trailer. Bosch did not hide the fact that the new vehicle would probably also increase the number of operations, because it could be used more quickly than the trailer.

In conclusion, he thanked the active members for their voluntary work.


There will be dredging, building and clearing

The graduate engineer is employed by the freeway directorate of northern bavaria, which is responsible for the current work on the A 70 in the "harsdorfer berg" area responsible. Preparations are currently being made for the planned eight-kilometer expansion of the long-distance link between the kulmbach/neudrossenfeld junction and the bayreuth/kulmbach triangle.
The total cost is estimated at 45 million euros. This also includes the new construction of bypasses, the renewal of twelve bridges and the drainage with the construction of rainwater retention and sedimentation basins. The new construction of the community connection road between oberhettersreuth and altenreuth was also brought forward, which could already be opened yesterday to a limited extent and with which an underpass was saved.
"The major rehabilitation of the A70 will take place next year and in 2014. We have allocated the budget and last week published the rough tender", explains probst, according to whom work will begin on the northbound carriageway in march 2013. The sud roadway will follow in 2014. "We always have a short construction time of only half a year. That is why the preparatory work is necessary, because otherwise we will not be able to do it."
These preparations also include the local road network, which must be upgraded so that it can handle the rerouted traffic next year, as all the underpasses will be closed off. Probst: "that is also the difficult part of the construction site, because we have to maintain the access roads to the small villages. That is why a number of field roads have now been upgraded in advance to serve as replacement roads."
A challenge for the road builder are the old bridge structures, where a new underpass or overpass is being built in their place. "Everything must be precisely coordinated. It’s much easier to build on a greenfield site because you can build according to plan. But here we have to regulate the traffic and also talk to all the residents, because above all we are restricting the farmers somewhat", says the senior construction manager, who does not see himself facing any major problems in solving these tasks: "we have a good relationship with everyone and talk to them on site."
The second major project is the construction of the rainwater retention basin on the "haselbach" with a huge dam embankment that will be up to 20 meters high. Chief construction officer michael probst: "we have also brought forward these inspections because otherwise it would have been far too tight next year," explains probst. Before you build on top, it is also good if the dam lies so long."
This is a joint project with the municipality of harsdorf, whose mayor gunther hubner admits: "we could only afford this flood protection for the lower-lying residential areas of harsdorf together with the freeway embankment as a protective wall." Umpteen years ago there had been problems with flooding here. Now, a calculation of the runoff model has shown that there is a risk of flooding if a retention structure is not created. With the closure of the haselbach, the danger from the altenreuther bach is more manageable."
With the new "haselbach" rainwater retention basin more than 100,000 cubic meters of storage volume will be created. The mayor: "it is then even an emergency drainage through the zettmeiseler autobahn bridge up to a 1000-year flood possible. So the water can be dammed up so high without anything happening."
The pure flood protection costs around 450,000 euros, the share of the municipality of harsdorf is around 100,000 euros. With the common basin, the actual rainwater retention of the autobahn can be omitted, and so the autobahn directorate, and thus the federal government, participates in these costs. According to michael probst, the huge embankment alone directly adjacent to the highway involves around 50,000 cubic meters of earth being moved by the construction vehicles.
Finally, in november and december of this year, logging will begin, because about 50 hectares of forest must be cleared. Before that the telecommunication cable should be laid along the highway.
The chief construction advisor is not pleased with the rain of the past few days: "for earthworks, this weather is naturally catastrophic. This has already slowed us down a bit, but we still have room to breathe."


Fast food – 50 years of mcdonald’s in germany

95 penny. That’s how much a hamburger costs when the u.S. Burger chain mcdonald’s opens on 4. December 1971 opened its first (west) german location in munich. Apart from that, the menu at that time only included cheeseburgers, french fries, coca-cola, soda and coffee.

Today, mcdonald’s is the world leader in burger chains, with over 38.000 sites around the globe and 1448 in germany. And there are more to come: "we have a stated growth target for the next few years and are actively looking for new sites," says a spokesperson.

The company’s expansion also reflects the social changes of the past decades. "The seventies saw an awakening of interest in food and food culture, and also in international cuisine," says margareta buning-fesel, director of the federal center for food (bzfe). "That’s why there was also a gross openness to fast food and ready meals."


Alec baldwin denies fight over parking space

US actor alec baldwin (60) has denied punching a man in the face in a dispute over a parking space.

Normally he would not comment on such a story, wrote the hollywood star on the twitter account of the hilaria and alec baldwin foundation. "But the claim that i had hit anyone over a parking space is false." A wide spreading of the story does not make it true, the actor further wrote.

Baldwin was arrested on friday after the alleged incident in new york. A man was injured on the left cheek in a dispute over a parking space, police sources said. The investigation was ongoing, a police spokesman said.


Tsv meeder wants to put the lid on it

28 rounds are played in the fubball-bezirksliga oberfranken west. However, it is not yet clear who will be crowned champion, who will be relegated directly or who will compete in the relegation to keep their place in the league.
FC eintracht bamberg 2010, who will play against TSV ebensfeld (12).) can achieve the championship by their own efforts. Chaser FC coburg is at the secured SV merkendorf (8.) as guests. The endangered teams from place 11 hope for points. Of them, TSV meeder (11.) and the SV wurgau (14.) against each other. Should the schiller team win at home and the two pursuers from lettenreuth (against ebing) and ebensfeld (in bamberg) not get beyond a draw, then the reigning coburg district league champions would have secured their place in the league ahead of time.
Last-place SV bosporus coburg also has home advantage against TSV breitengubbach and urgently needs a three-goal win to at least reach relegation.

FC coburg

For 15 games FC coburg (2./65 points) undefeated. Tomorrow, sunday, the vestadt team will play their last away game at SV merkendorf (8./41 points) against an unpredictable opponent, strong at home and pushed by enthusiastic fans. For matthias christl’s squad, which is ranked three payers behind top-ranked FC eintracht bamberg, only a three-pack pays.
"We want to keep the tension high. Even if bamberger doesn’t slip up again and we stay second, we want to go into the relegation with a good feeling", according to coach matthias christl. He believes that despite their comfortable position in the upper midfield, the team from merkendorf will be highly motivated to give their outgoing coach stephan essig a sporting farewell present. Essig comes from unterpreppach and was an active player for spvgg greuther furth between the posts.
FCC officials hope that daniel sam, daniel alles and carl-philipp schiebel, who were absent against monchroden, can return to action. Ertan sener still missing due to calf injury.

TSV monchroden

TSV monchroden plays its last home game of the season on sunday against FC oberhaid in the wildpark. The guests are currently in fourth place in the table, four points ahead of the "monks". So the huttl team could catch up with the opponent with a win up to one payer. Then the goal of finishing the season in a good midfield position would be achieved. The huttl-schutzlinge played a very good spring round, were undefeated in 2018. But on the last matchday, this series came to an end with a 0:2 defeat at FC coburg, but with a thoroughly appealing performance. The coach was satisfied with the performance of his team, except for the chance exploitation. Not only the constellation of the standings makes for an interesting match, but also the fact that both teams can basically play without any worries.
In addition, the responsible persons in the wildpark, as already reported, have planned an action against blood cancer on sunday afternoon from 15 to 18 o’clock. Under the motto "with team spirit against blood cancer" spectators are asked to be typified. Volunteers can register as stem cell donors.


Report changes to areas

The basis for the 2018 application for farmers is now being created. Adjustments to existing field plots and additions of new plots report farmers in i-BALIS. There are available the latest aerial photos from the 2017 aerial survey. This is reported by the office for food, agriculture and forestry kitzingen. It is the applicants’ own responsibility to ensure that only the exact areas for which there is a right of use are indicated. Grun trails and roadside vegetation, etc. Can not be part of a field trip. Particular attention should be paid to flat areas adjacent to forests, as well as those with landscape features. In addition, since 2016 there is no longer a tolerance rule for changes to the permanent grassland stand. A multiple application can only be submitted if all fields of an applicant are marked as "checked" by the applicant. The amt fur ernahrung, landwirtschaft und forsten kitzingen further points out that on 8. January the application phase for the agri-environmental decrees (kulap and VNP) begins.


Saale region becomes a brand

Tourism in the saale region can sometimes be quite complicated. Gunter schramm from the buro planwerk also noticed this. "We had to do a lot of work on tourism, because it took us some time to understand the structures", he said at the frank saale valley strategy forum – but that should change soon.

Schramm recommended a new organization for tourism in the nine communities of the saale valley, hammelburg, oberthulba, wartmannsroth, elfershausen, fuchsstadt, aura, euerdorf, ramsthal and sulzthal. Accordingly, under the umbrella of the tourism gmbh bayerische rhon a new company should be founded. Members of the frankens saalestuck gmbh municipalities, associations, winegrowers and other businesses could be.
A central tourist information office in hammelburg was set up to promote tourism under the already established brand "frankens saalestuck" represent in the region. "A tourist information center belongs in hammelburg, it must be in a good location here", explained schramm. For this, the personnel requirements had to be created.

Alfred jeurink of the association tourism frankisches saaletal hammelburg buried the proposals. The new organization must be implemented quickly, said the chairman of the board. He already hinted that the tourist association would participate in the company. Elfriede bock was surprised at how far the plans had progressed. With the tourism office of the city had not been talked about it. Bock asked: "how should the tourism office be integrated into the structure??" Mayor ernst stross (SPD) referred to an internal discussion that had taken place and announced a further discussion in which the points of contact are to be explored.


Four dead in forest fires in northern california

Four dead in forest fires in northern california

Firefighters in northern california are making good progress in the battle against at least one of the devastating forest fires. They had had a "very successful night," the cal fire agency announced on thursday.

It now sees the shasta county fire as 26 percent under control – as of wednesday evening, cal fire was still projected to be 9 percent under control. However, a stronger wind was expected to return in the evening, with the weather remaining dry and bright, which could again intensify the flames.

Meanwhile, the death toll from the so-called zogg fire in shasta county rose to four. A man died in hospital from burns, the local sheriff told NBC television. The zogg fire has so far affected an area of about 224 square kilometers. 147 buildings destroyed by fire, more than 1500 others threatened by flames. More than 1300 firefighters with 133 fire engines and 13 helicopters were recently deployed.


16. Architecture biennale successfully completed

16. Architecture Biennale successfully completed

The 16. Architecture biennale was opened on 25.11.2018 under its motto "out there – architecture beyond building" celebrated. The curator called on the exhibitors at the architecture biennial to remember their roots. In 56 national contributions, covering 30 pavilions, the responsibility for the environment and the future of architecture was emphasized. The german contribution to the international architecture exhibition came from the two architects friedrich von borries and matthias bottger. They both belong to the berlin office "raumtaktik". As the secretary of state engelbert lutke said, an independent commission of experts commissioned by the federal ministry of transport, construction and urban development also chose the concept of "updating germany" to the winner from.

True to the prevailing motto "out there: architecture beyond building" the city of venice is from 14. September until 23. November the center of international architecture. The ministry of transport, construction and urban development sponsors the contribution of the german in that year with approximately 580.000 euro. In the project bottger as well as von borries collected in a catalog about 100 projects as well as visions like for example power supplying plants, the kite sail for container ships or also water bottles filled with sand to be used for house building. Those ideas, according to the architects, should make possible a much better future. The 20 most important projects will be made available to the public at the biennial and will also provide food for thought for visitors to the event. This is the declared goal of the organizers. The biennale of architecture takes place every year, so that this year you can also see the works of the architects.

What is generally understood by architecture? What makes architecture special? What should one pay attention to and what is rather beside the point?. We try to bring some light into the darkness.