Why the jakobus church in fischbach is pleasantly out of time

The verdict of our tester:

A service that was well worth attending. The more than 500-year-old jakobus church has a charm all of its own. Although it shows its age, it does not look outdated or even in need of renovation. On the contrary, it has a pleasant freshness. The sermon was also pleasantly fresh, although it was rather long at almost 15 minutes. The way the pastor explained the importance of shepherds in the time of jesus and how the image of the good shepherd is to be interpreted today made it easy for the faithful to follow her words.

Less pleasing, however, are the many seats that remained empty in the rather small church. Many of the faithful seem to have a kind of regular seat on which they sit. This leads to many people sitting in a row even for themselves. Perhaps it would make more sense to open the galleries only when there are more visitors, so that the benches in the lower area are better filled.

What the age of the church also means, by the way, is that it is designed for people with a body size that was common in the early modern era. If you are taller than 1.90 meters, you should keep your head down when you step through the entrance door because of the two wooden galleries.


The sports center is 50 years old

On father’s day, 10. May, the TSV ebenhausen opens the beer garden season with a small, but nice party at the club’s own sports center. But not only the summer season in the beer garden is opened, but this year also the 50-year anniversary of the management of the sports home is celebrated. The management of the TSV clubhouse has been in the hands of tenants from the beginning until today. As is well known, this is not the case everywhere, because in many associations this has to be done by the members of the association themselves.
Not so in ebenhausen: according to the chronicle of the sports club, the chapter of the sports home began as early as 1952, when the club decided to create its own club home. After construction, the sports center was connected to the power grid in 1957 and finally to the water and sewer systems in 1964, so that it was finally ready for use on the 6th of july. July 1968 could be solemnly opened. The building was expanded again in 1986 with an adjoining room, changing rooms and showers, and further adjoining buildings followed.

Ara stockheimer

At the end of the sixties, good burgerliche deutsche kuche was offered: the first tenants in the sportheim were rudi and magda soder, followed by the ritter family at the beginning of 1973. 1978 then broke the ara "stockheimer" wolfgang stockheimer successfully ran the clubhouse together with his wife elvira for 20 years.
After that, in 1997, for the first time, the association dared to make the menu more international. In short succession, a greek and an italian restaurateur and a german tenant alternated until 2004, when consistency returned with the italian tenant maria trasente. She ran the sports home under the name "al bosco" with italian cake with success for seven years.
Just as many years, since the beginning of 2011, greek food is served again and the club is pleased together with the host lazaros parassoglou, his wife maria and their two daughters about pleasing visitor numbers. Greek food and on holidays also traditional german dishes are served in the forest sports restaurant "acropolis" and in the summer, guests can also make themselves comfortable in the beer garden in front of the house..
For the 50th anniversary on father’s day, the TSV ebenhausen has once again come up with a number of ideas and, together with the leaseholder family, is offering a supporting program: in addition to greek specialties between 11 a.M. And 3 p.M., as well as coffee and cake from 2 p.M. On, there will also be music and sports. At 2 p.M. Starts an interlude game of the youth fubballers. The junior band "notenkiller" of the brass band ebenhausen will play some pieces from 3 p.M. Onwards.
From 15.45 o’clock there will be a mixed inclusion game between the lebenshilfe schweinfurt and the women’s soccer team of TSV-ebenhausen. From 4 p.M. The TSV will fire up its pizza oven. The ebenhausen brass band provides the musical entertainment from 5 p.M. Onwards. For the children there is also a painting corner and in good weather a bouncy castle.


Deadly test on playground: video should be on the web

Deadly test on playground: video should be on the web

Now the public prosecutor’s office in landshut is investigating his three friends for involuntary manslaughter. On sunday in niederviehbach near landshut, they had tied him to a playground merry-go-round with adhesive tape, turned the game machine dangerously fast with the help of a car and filmed everything. According to police, the 20-year-old was thrown from the carousel and died at the scene of the accident due to severe head injuries.

"The video should be posted on youtube, we know that secured," said prosecutor hubert krapf on wednesday to the news agency dpa. There the clique had already uploaded several videos with experiments, which are as senseless as dangerous. Hot candle wax from a tea light was poured into the mouth and spat out again when cold. There were nose coils with tabasco and ear piercing with hammer and nail. All this is reminiscent of the concept of a US series first broadcast by the music channel MTV twelve years ago. In the series "jackass" professional actors sometimes performed dangerous actions, which were supposed to be funny. Later, several "jackass" films were also released. Before imitation one warned thereby always expressly.

The father of the 20-year-old had appealed to the media after the accident: "please warn all young people about these damn videos and these shitty jackass movies," the "passauer neue presse" (tuesday) had quoted him as saying.


“Wind music? Shocked us at first”

We talked to the director of the musicalcompany nurnberg, claudia dorr, about the special challenges of the "magic musical moments" speaking for the 18 sangers. How did the members of your company react when they were asked to perform musical classics with a wind orchestra??

Claudia dorr: they were shocked at first. We have worked with smaller blues orchestras so far. But when we looked at some clips of performances of the blaserphilharmonie forchheim on the net, we were convinced that this could work out.

What is the special challenge??


Trio gets a voice

trio gets a voice

The trio "moment’s concept guest in his rows in kronach. For their second performance in the county seat, the students had brought german jazz singer matthias boguth with them to the rooms of the kronacher kunstverein (KKV).
"The concept in which the moment is the starting point for the creation and development of music seems to be as omnipresent in improvisation as it is versatilely interpretable", the musicians of the trio note. At the same time, however, improvisational concepts could also be developed in the moment itself. The members of "moment’s concept explore this ambiguity in their music and put it into the field of tension with the principle of composition – the captured moment.

The cast

Philipp rumsch (piano), carl wittig (double bass) and tom friedrich (drums) incorporate their different sound associations, which come from jazz, classical music as well as experimental-pop. Together they form their own, individual sound language from it.
In this, the band explores all possibilities between the extremes of composed and freely improvised music as well as introversion and expressiveness. The high degree of interaction is reflected in the development as well as in the interpretation of the compositions. Jazz singer matthias boguth is currently studying at the "felix mendelssohn bartholdy" university of music and theater in leipzig with pepe berns and evelyn fischer. The munich native began to take an interest in music as a child.
From the role of an extra in the bavarian state opera he first came to playing the piano. More and more, however, the focus went to the singing uber. In 2014 matthias boguth became sanger of the landes-jugendjazzorchester bavaria. With the start of his studies, he quickly gained a foothold in the eastern scene with various lineups, such as the stephan deller trio, the matthias boguth septet or his own quartet "milk wood, setting texts by the welsh poet dylan thomas to music.
At the beginning of the concert karl peter wittig buried the guests on behalf of the inviting lions club. In addition to the great musical performance, he also emphasized the excellent acoustics of the room at the kunstverein.