18 Million hartz iv recipients within ten years

18 million hartz iv recipients within ten years

In the past ten years, a total of 18.2 million people have received hartz IV benefits.

There were 9.33 million men and 8.97 million women, according to a federal government response to a left-wing question in the bundestag obtained by the deutsche presse-agentur. 5.47 million were under 15 years old.

Paid are the people who have received between january 2007 and november 2017 at least once short-term hartz IV. Many people have also received temporary unemployment benefits, for example because they were not eligible for unemployment insurance.


Bad kissingen constituency has three women in berlin

As a "mega-result" yesterday, the day after the federal election, dorothee bar described her performance in the constituency. After the first projection of 38 percent for the CSU, she herself had no longer expected a figure of more than 50 percent. "You can never completely escape a national trend", she says. She sees the fact that it ended up being the third-best first-past-the-post result in bavaria and the tenth-best in the whole of germany as a major success.

Yesterday in munich, bar spent several hours analyzing the outcome of the election together with the CSU executive committee. The fact that not a single candidate made it onto the bundestag list is something she very much regrets. Just on the list could be placed the candidates of young, women’s or middle class union. "In the case of a direct mandate, of course, it is not possible to ensure this balance." Bar herself entered the bundestag twice via the list before succeeding direct candidate eduard lintner in 2009.

"I really put my back into it," says bar, bar looks back on the strenuous election campaign. And it goes on: yesterday, after the board meeting, she went on the tv show "hart, aber fair" (tough but fair), today in berlin, among other things, the election of the head of the state group is on the agenda. According to bar, her current boss alexander dobrindt will take over. This has consequences: "if he becomes head of the regional party, he will not be part of the new government, is determined that the transport minister will not continue. However, she did not comment on what this means for her and whether she will remain parliamentary secretary of state. First of all, the coalition negotiations had to be conducted now. "Everyone has the duty to talk to everyone, she gives as a motto. "A lot of divisive and a lot of common", sees cash with the greens and the FDP, and: "it depends a lot on the content and the people involved."


Charite doctor attacked – baby infections still ratselhaft

Charite doctor attacked - baby infections still ratselhaft

Six sick children still being treated. Eight more babies carrying the germ are being closely monitored, germany’s largest university hospital announced on wednesday evening. There are no new traps.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, a baby presumed to have died of intestinal germs was found as early as 12. October buried in a muslim cemetery on columbia dam. There had initially been a fuss about the remainder of the baby.

According to police, the two cursed attackers on tuesday may have wanted to take revenge on the gynecologist for allegedly mistreating a woman. The hitters had not yet been caught. A connection with the sick babies in the charite was ruled out. Perpetrator and victim did not know each other, investigators said. The berlin medical association also did not know whether the physician had been reported to the police.


Three everyday problems with the mask – and how to solve them

Understanding isn’t always easy, and then the mask makes your glasses fog up all the time: everyday life with a mouth-nose covering is full of pitfalls. Who heeds a few pieces of advice, gets along with these however better. Three questions about the mask – and answers consumers should know.

1.How best to communicate through the mask?

Talking through a piece of cloth can be exhausting in the long run. Why does everyone understand you so badly? But taking off the mouth-nose covering is not an option, neither for inquiries in the supermarket nor for phone calls on the bus. Rather, it depends on the technology.


Everything new at the ninth county run

For its tenth anniversary, the erlangen-hochstadt district will be given a fresh cell treatment. "We have noticed in the last few years that the interest is declining a bit and we have thought about how we can make the event more attractive", explains helmut schmidt from the rottenbach running club and member of the organizing team.

Up to now, the circuit has lasted from six in the morning until eight in the evening and has run as a kind of relay over a total of 150 kilometers, literally crisscrossing the entire circuit, with each participant being able to select and tackle a section that he or she felt comfortable with. "This had disadvantages: on the one hand, there were more supervisors than runners on some stages of the race. And secondly, the rough time frame was a problem, because many runners who were at the start early in the morning didn’t make it to the final event in the evening", explains schmidt further.

An added incentive


Watzke: bvb does not issue an official season goal

Offensive pros, defensive bosses – championship runner-up borussia dortmund does not issue an official season target for the coming season.

Unlike some players, such as head of defense mats hummels, who just over a week ago announced a renewed attack on first place, hans-joachim watzke was more cautious. "We are not going to play this game anymore. We will officially no longer issue a goal – and this is not happening because we don’t have one," said the BVB CEO, referring to what he sees as unfair reporting in the media.

For years, the club has been criticized for not setting a championship goal. "Last year, we felt that this was the right thing to do when we were two points behind. We have said we will try everything to become german champion."But it was not a full-bodied announcement that the subscription champion would be relinquished from munich. "This was solved three weeks later on our own initiative. Then it was just a matter of, they want to become german champions. To then criticize us from april onwards for not having achieved our goal," watzke commented.