Trio gets a voice

trio gets a voice

The trio "moment’s concept guest in his rows in kronach. For their second performance in the county seat, the students had brought german jazz singer matthias boguth with them to the rooms of the kronacher kunstverein (KKV).
"The concept in which the moment is the starting point for the creation and development of music seems to be as omnipresent in improvisation as it is versatilely interpretable", the musicians of the trio note. At the same time, however, improvisational concepts could also be developed in the moment itself. The members of "moment’s concept explore this ambiguity in their music and put it into the field of tension with the principle of composition – the captured moment.

The cast

Philipp rumsch (piano), carl wittig (double bass) and tom friedrich (drums) incorporate their different sound associations, which come from jazz, classical music as well as experimental-pop. Together they form their own, individual sound language from it.
In this, the band explores all possibilities between the extremes of composed and freely improvised music as well as introversion and expressiveness. The high degree of interaction is reflected in the development as well as in the interpretation of the compositions. Jazz singer matthias boguth is currently studying at the "felix mendelssohn bartholdy" university of music and theater in leipzig with pepe berns and evelyn fischer. The munich native began to take an interest in music as a child.
From the role of an extra in the bavarian state opera he first came to playing the piano. More and more, however, the focus went to the singing uber. In 2014 matthias boguth became sanger of the landes-jugendjazzorchester bavaria. With the start of his studies, he quickly gained a foothold in the eastern scene with various lineups, such as the stephan deller trio, the matthias boguth septet or his own quartet "milk wood, setting texts by the welsh poet dylan thomas to music.
At the beginning of the concert karl peter wittig buried the guests on behalf of the inviting lions club. In addition to the great musical performance, he also emphasized the excellent acoustics of the room at the kunstverein.


The roles in the derby are clearly distributed

"Doing better than last year!" Norbert hofmann has made this motto his own: "if you came third in the past season, you can’t say that you want to do worse this year. We want to finish in one of the top two places." With it the coach fox refers clearly position and sets itself and its men from the beginning under current. "We have strengthened ourselves well in certain areas, have changed some things that were still a bit troublesome in the previous year, and want to come out of the starting blocks in good shape", hofmann is confident.

Continuous increase

a false start like the one in the previous season, when DJK had only six points on its account after eight days of play and could therefore no longer have any serious ambitions, is to be avoided. "Whether this will ultimately be the case, you never know. In any case, we have worked very well in the preparation and have continuously improved, especially in the last test matches", says the weingarts coach. The "maigischer" must renounce to michael antes, who is still on vacation. Manuel obmann did not return from the same illness until thursday, which is why his deployment is still open. In addition, the injured sebastian friedl and play leader michael noegel could only do some light running training during the week.
Hofmann sees his opponents as having a strong offensive lineup: "brothers andreas and mathias hammerand and their cousin markus often leave their mark on the sv game, but i also remember fellow coach maik sprenger as a strong left back.".
Maik sprenger, who is still largely unknown in the playing area, came to franconia from the ruhrpott region for work reasons and has been at the helm in ermreuth together with marco walz since the winter break. The 26-year-old with hometown club spvgg erkenschwick immediately drew attention to himself in the narrow 2:3 back-match defeat in spring when he scored twice. In the first round game, the SVE had lost 0:3 in weingarts.
Sprenger goes despite the two losses in the previous year quite relaxed in the game: "sure, we are aubenseiter. Because with our relatively small cadre, we don’t have the same opportunities as the host company. But we will not surrender without a fight." That will be hard enough, because with andreas hammerand on vacation and his brother mathias suffering from adductor problems, the hammerand trio, for whom hofmann paid respect, will be a solo: markus will probably be the only one to start. Sprenger sees in this connection in comparison with erkenschwick the clearly shorter summer break in franconia not forderlich for a sufficient recovery between the seasons and refers to the fact that between the last playday on the 10. June and the start of preparations for most clubs at the beginning of july were just under three weeks apart: "maybe we should think about it. For clubs with thin squads, this is certainly not an advantage."


Almost like being at home

Eve madlen loffler (8), katharina graf (8), xenia popp (8) and liv seidel (9) sit very still. They do homework. They are fully concentrated, nobody talks. "Everyone does their homework alone, explains eve loffler. "No, we do not write off", liv seidel affirms. "Hey, I don’t know how to do this. What do I have to do?", asks xenia popp, holding up her math book. The other three quickly help. They explain, but xenia has to solve the tasks herself.
Although the new after-school care center in mainleus has only been open for a few days, the children who come here in the afternoons after school already feel really at home. "The after-school care center sees itself as a family-supporting and -complementary offer with the mission of education, training and care of schoolchildren", says michael seck, director of the center for children and families. "We accompany the children entrusted to us into independence, see ourselves as companions in their development. We include all areas of competence and support the child in active, self-determined action", seck formulates the requirement.
In practice, this means that the children – directly after school – simply go up a flight of stairs and thus enter the "catholic" school after-school care. Currently, 30 boys and girls between the ages of six and 13 are enrolled, and there is room for 40 children.

Coarse kitchen the heart

"By expanding the after-school care center and increasing the number of places from 25 to 40, we have achieved a coverage of needs of almost one hundred percent in mainleus", says seck and is very satisfied with the rough remodeling work. Heart of the new nursery is a rough cake. After school, meals are served here – at 1 p.M. Sharp. Naturally, the children eat together in the common room. "For us, it’s not just about taking in food, but about a fixed ritual that aims at communication and deepening social aspects as well as table culture", so seck.
And once a week – every friday – the kids cook for themselves. "We also prepare food for a healthy break in the afternoon", explains after-school care director nina schorsch and emphasizes that the coarse family cakes were the model for the conception of the after-school care center. "Just as life takes place in the kitchen for families at home, it is the same for us," says, she says.

Plenty of room to play

The daycare center on the top floor of the mainleus town hall is open daily from 11 a.M. To 5 p.M. The children have room to really feel at home in 280 square meters of space. There is an intensive room that offers the opportunity to withdraw and carry out projects. In addition, the after-school care center has several homework rooms. "They are deliberately kept small. The children should be able to learn in peace", according to amelie heller.
Ronny schweitzer (9) is already finished with homework. He is the first to rush into the lego and building corner. But he does not stay alone for long. Tim winkler (8) and laila zeller (8) also soon joined the group. "Look, I’ve built a hollow", attracts romeo wagner. The seven-year-old has covered chairs with a blanket and enjoys his very own personal retreat.


Singkreis explores the saarland-lorraine-luxembourg triangle

Singkreis explores the saarland-lorraine-luxembourg triangle

After exploring the north with the island of rugen on last year’s choir trip, the hebdorfer singkreis set its sights on the western triangle of saarland-lorraine-luxembourg on this year’s trip.

Trip organizer and chairwoman emilie meier had put together an extensive program for the nearly 85 participants, including 52 choristers. The focus was – as always – on a self-imposed choral-musical assignment. Thus the singkreis framed a sunday service in the magnificent baroque ludwigskirche saarbrucken under the direction of julian bobe. Among other things, a "jubilate" was heard by jean baptist lully, the court composer of the french sun king ludwig XIV., which, by the way, had significantly shaped the image of the so-called secret capital of the saarland, saarlouis, where the choir was accommodated for four days.

Two spiritual arrangements by the former choir director manfred meier were also performed for the first time. The service finally ended with an effective "hallelujah" accompanied by the organ-chorus from trade oratorio "messiah, which will be performed by the singkreis in hebdorf and erlangen this december.