Bjorn hocke warns against splitting the afd

Bjorn hocke warns against splitting the afd

Thuringian afd state and parliamentary group leader bjorn hocke warns of party split in face of power struggle with party leader jorg meuthen.

"The previously "theoretical"" the option of splitting the afd into an east and a west party is being massively pursued," writes hocke on facebook. He attacked meuthen and also addressed the discussion about a special party conference of the afd.

"We don’t need a special party conference to determine that the previous federal spokesman is no longer able or willing to represent the afd in its entirety," hocke wrote. "So far, every afd chairman who has tried to rule the party in the manner of a lord of the manor has failed miserably. (…) one’s own ego must not take precedence over responsibility for members and voters."


Too many mistakes at the start

Too many mistakes at the start

This year many things were different. The A-team of the latin formation of the TV coburg-ketschendorf had not reached the self-set goals in the last season. The head coach andre heller drew the consequences and changed many things. The choreography "hot stuff was no longer danced after only one year. With "final countdown, which particularly demands the dancing skills of the team members, the team broke new ground.

Many new dancers from the B-team and the school team were integrated into the A-team and raised to the level of the regional league in numerous training sessions, also outside the normal training schedule.

Marc holland seriously injured

"All the new team members have shown an extremely high level of commitment", says andre heller, head coach of the A-team. "Such an increase in performance in such a short time is not self-evident."


Obertrubach defies the rain at perpetual adoration

When the participants left the church, unpleasant rain began to fall, but after returning to the church it stopped again. The people of obertrubach and their helpers had once again carefully made all the preparations to celebrate the centuries-old tradition in a fitting and dignified manner.

The media interest was unimaginable. Various tv stations reported in advance and also on the day itself. For the last hour of prayer, the guests of honor, accompanied by the flags of the community, marched from the town hall through the village to the parish church of st. Peter. Laurentius. Father werner wolf buried many honorary guests from the clergy, good friends such as domkapitular josef zerndl or monsignor andreas straub, as well as the alumni of the wurzburg seminary, where the future priests of the archdiocese of bamberg will be trained. They were joined by a guest priest from nigeria. So one was international.

Ocumenical together

From the political side, mdb silke launert (CSU) took part, as did mdl michael hofmann (CSU) and thorsten glauber (). Pastor wolf was particularly pleased that, in addition to district administrator hermann ulm (CSU), all the mayors of the surrounding area once again took part. It met his repeatedly expressed and demanded desire to live together ecumenically.


Jahn forchheim jogs to auswartsspiel

The bayernliga-fubballer usually travels to an away game in a friendly way. Whether by car or bus – the journey should be stress-free in order to be able to focus on the upcoming match in a rested state. Jogging to an away game like spvgg jahn forchheim (and back again at the end of the game) is unusual – and a clever invention by coach christian springer, who took the field as a pacesetter.

Sure, it was just a friendly match, and the distance to the SV buckenhofen field is not too far, just under six kilometers. Nevertheless, the endurance run had left its mark on the preparation phase, which was in any case a strenuous one.

The fact that the jahn only managed to beat the district league champions 4:2 is largely due to the following factors. "The guys were flat, lacked effervescence. But that’s normal in the preparation phase," says team manager, says team manager mesut kimiz. On the other hand: the SVB with its well-rehearsed team did not make it easy for the newly assembled jahn. "Buckenhofen was present and gave gas. Really strong", says kimiz.


Miracle of technology

miracle of technology

Curtain up – and the adventure in the magic theater begins: we have landed in the middle of a greek tragedy. Yellow light flickers on the wall. But … Wait a minute, we’re not on the stage of a time-honored theater, we’re in the wooden belly of "LT" the theater wonder machine of lea and tabita oberkofler.

Automatic room service – a dream come true!

The two girls from kulmbach, like many other children and young people, won a prize in the KLARTEXT wonder machine competition! Join in. "I can take you to theater pieces from the past and the future, which you can then act in and experience", is in "lts" cover letter that lea and tabita came up with for their time travel machine.

The jury, which put all the designs through their paces, had a lot of fun: "i actually think they’re all ingenious", editor natalie schalk admits. "But I like ‘LT’ best: the idea of traveling back in time with the machine and playing along with the ancient greeks, I think is great!" She liked best some of the miracle machines at home "especially the one with the liquids in the belly and the one for cleaning up". The dream of a fully automatic nursery cleaning service seems to move many of the young tufters. This has also been noticed by johannes michel, better known to our readers as technik-michel: "many people have dealt with the topics of cleaning up and mull: the mullbots are really already colorful. And in the robot nesting world we find interesting technical variations."


Fascination of the celestial bodies

Fascination of the celestial bodies

My father explains our night sky to me every saturday. For all those who are now wondering: no, you didn’t learn the wrong motto for the planetary system in school. But sometimes it is also time for such rough systems like the universe to rearrange itself.
This is not news, but many of the visitors who came to the "evening of the open door" were very interested came to the sternwarte feuerstein were a bit astonished. As early as 2006, pluto was stripped of its planetary status by the international astronomical union. Since then, it has been dubbed the dwarf planet.
Also the fact that a day does not have 24 hours, but only 23 hours and 56 minutes due to the earth’s own movement, must have been new for some guests. Frank fleischmann, graduate physicist and chairman of the association observatory forchheim, explained to the audience passionately and very vividly numerous astronomical phenomena, their origin and meaning.
A journey through the infinite vastness, stopping for example at the shooting stars. Shooting stars? Aren’t they the yellow lights that make us wish for the most beautiful things when they appear?? First correct. But the next time we look into the sky, we can’t turn off our knowledge about it any more. Grains of sand from space hit the earth’s atmosphere at a speed of about 50 kilometers per second (that’s about the distance from ebermannstadt to nurnberg in one second). The sand grain is first slowed down by the air molecules. The friction heats the particle – also called meteorite – up to 3000 degrees. The surrounding air is made to glow and the meteorite becomes a meteor, which we colloquially refer to as a shooting star.
To illustrate this, frank fleischmann makes a simple comparison: "let’s take a cup of coffee and let milk drip into it. The surface tension causes the droplet to snap upwards. So similarly we can see the formation of central mountains in lunar craters."
One visitor in particular watches the spinning telescope attentively: david gotz. Already the lecture he could inspire by his astronomical knowledge and interest. Unfortunately, the cloud cover was too dense this evening to dare a look through the telescope. But the eleven-year-old is relaxed about it: "I’ve never looked through a telescope before, but that’s not so bad. I am especially interested in the beautiful astro-images, the black holes and the saturn rings."
The student from ebermannstadt doesn’t know yet if this passion will become a profession, but one thing is for sure: "so much fascination for the material that surrounds us is infectious and shows once again how small we humans appear in the face of the mighty nature."


Chapel building association looks back on a successful year

As the burggrub chapel building association was able to ascertain at its annual general meeting, the year of the 25th anniversary of the chapel’s consecration was very successful. In addition to an impressive number of members, the 1. Chairman willi bischoff also buried the mayor of the coarse municipality of stockheim, rainer detsch, and the local clergyman, pastor michael foltin. The chairman remarked that the ceremony at the border and peace chapel on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the chapel consecration was a special event. With the participation of several pastors from thuringia and bavaria as well as the regional bishop of central germany, ilse junkermann, the festive service left a lasting impression on the many visitors. Musical accompaniment was provided by the trombone choirs from burggrub and neuhaus and a youth trombone choir from ortenburg near passau. Furthermore, bischoff also expressed that the popularity, documented by increasing attendance, was increasing. So also this year again larger groups of visitors had visited the chapel with busses and were informed by the chairman about the emergence of the chapel.
As the entries in the visitors’ books show, many a worry and sorrow is also presented to our lord god in the chapel. From the organizational side, the chairman announced that the planned renovations of the chapel’s interior and exterior would be completed before the anniversary on 3. September could be completed. Also a copper gutter was still attached to the tower head.
After the last minutes had been presented by secretary friedrich beetz, chief financial officer uwe gunther shed light on the cash situation. The cash auditors confirmed that his cash management was impeccable. Both, the 1. Mayor rainer detsch as well as pastor michael foltin thanked the chapel building association for its commitment to peace in the way that they had u. A. Also a sign for the peaceful growing together of east and west made and reminded that borders are overcome and must be overcome. From the meeting came the suggestion to redesign the chapel and to document the creation of the chapel in a book of pictures. This was accepted. At the end of the meeting, the bishop thanked the clergy from neuhaus and burggrub for the church care of the chapel, siegfried hauck for the trombone choir and all the member families who had carried out the cleaning service and the care of the chapel in an exemplary manner during the year. The exemplary reporting on the anniversary by gerd fleischmann from stockheim was also emphasized.


A look at “a beautiful life

A look at

The name jauchstetter is well known in maroldsweisach and the surrounding area. Margot and heinz jauchstetter celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary on friday. 60 years together through thick and thin, experienced highs and lows. "We"ve had a good life so far," says, says heinz jauch-stetter and looks lovingly at his bride of joy.

Heinz jauchstetter met margot at the ditterswinder kirchweih during a dance. "There were the girls from ermershausen and one of them was my margot", he says. He saw her standing at the boat swing, and that"s when he noticed her. It didn"t stop at "rocking the boat". 60 years ago the wedding bells rang. Heinz jauchstetter learned his trade as a merchant in schweinfurt and returned to his parents" business in the suburb of maroldsweisach after completing his apprenticeship. His wife margot, a native of ermershausen, was a pharmacy assistant and after their wedding became involved in her husband"s business. In may 1991, the two took over a supermarket on zeilbergstrabe and ran it until december 2018 together with their daughter gabi. Heinz jauchstetter was a member of associations, such as the sports and protection association, the brass band and the singing association, and the habberge traffic watch. He and his wife used to enjoy playing tennis, and the jubilarian was a "real bookworm", as their husband laughingly says. Margot jauchstetter looks thoughtful: "when I look back, the 1960s and 70s were our best time." She also remembers her childhood and especially tours on the motorcycle with her father.

The jubilee couple is happy about three children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. "We used to be a large family with 14 people under one roof", says margot jauchstetter. Your husband heinz adds: "it was already getting crowded in the kitchen."


Corona wave spreads in china

Corona wave spreads in china

The delta variant of coronavirus continues to spread in southeast china’s fujian province. Authorities said wednesday that 50 more infections have been discovered in the province.

Since the outbreak of the delta variant last friday, there have been 152 infected people. In two major cities of the province, putian and xiamen, a lockdown had been ordered as a result.

The chinese government is pursuing a "zero covid" strategy. With curfews, mass testing, contact tracing, quarantines and strict entry restrictions, the country has the corona virus largely under control. Recently, however, there has been an accumulation of local outbreaks of the delta variant, despite strict mabnahme.


Setback for ttc wohlbach: 1:6 against weinheim

TTC wohlbach suffers a heavy defeat against TTC weinheim, but still remains in 2nd place. 3rd place in the table. Table tennis national league sud.

After last weekend’s great start to the second round, the TTC weinheim quickly put an end to the TTC wohlbach’s short-lived high-flying streak. Wohlbach had already planned a lot for the duel between second and third in the league. But this time the guests presented themselves in a strong condition.

3. Bundesliga sud men

TTC wohlbach – TTC weinheim 1:6