Too many mistakes at the start

Too many mistakes at the start

This year many things were different. The A-team of the latin formation of the TV coburg-ketschendorf had not reached the self-set goals in the last season. The head coach andre heller drew the consequences and changed many things. The choreography "hot stuff was no longer danced after only one year. With "final countdown, which particularly demands the dancing skills of the team members, the team broke new ground.

Many new dancers from the B-team and the school team were integrated into the A-team and raised to the level of the regional league in numerous training sessions, also outside the normal training schedule.

Marc holland seriously injured

"All the new team members have shown an extremely high level of commitment", says andre heller, head coach of the A-team. "Such an increase in performance in such a short time is not self-evident."

The team faced a particular challenge when marc holland, a new member of the senior team, broke his left fist in mid-november and was out for a total of eight weeks. "Marc moved up to the A-team in october after a gentleman moved away from the region for professional reasons. In october and november he had trained a part of the new choreography.

Naturally not yet at the level of the rest of the team", we had planned to get him fit by the end of the year and then prepare him specifically for the tournaments." Nothing came of this plan.

The team rose to the challenge together and everyone participated from the first week of january to get the eighth man fit. In a training camp and many further training sessions, this succeeded well and they went to the first tournament with eight complete pairs. Nevertheless, the familiar routine of developing the six-minute program was missing in the past weeks.

At the opening tournament in russelsheim, the team was therefore not able to bring the training performance to the flat. A strong competition and too many mistakes in synchronicity, highlights and image development brought the vestestestadtler only place 6. With the consciousness of the mistakes in the back the team wanted to attack now nevertheless and show, which it can.

New structure in the league

The coburg and kronach dancers still have a chance of advancing to the 2. Bundesliga, because due to a reorganization of the league system in 2020 the table places four to six of the regional league will dance out an additional promotion place in a relegation tournament in april 2019.

For the tvkler time is on their side here. "We were aware that we would not be fully trained for the first tournaments in the. For us pays a good placement in the last tournaments and then in the relegation tournament", says heller.

But he also emphasizes that promotion is not currently on the minds of those responsible for the team. Mw the placings: 1. TSC rot-gold casino nurnberg A (3 1 1 1); 2. TSC wallhausen A (1 3 4 3 2); 3. FG hofheim/wiesbaden/russelsheim B (2 2 3 4 4); 4. FG TSC kirchheim/TSA TG tuttlingen A (4 6 2 6 3); 5. TSG badenia weinheim B (5 4 6 5); 6. TSA of the TV coburg-ketschendorf A (6 5 2 6); 7. TSC usingen A (7 7 8 8 ); 8. TSC niddatal A (9 8 7 9); 9. TSC red-gold casino nurnberg B (8 9 9 7).

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