Tesla plant not to start until next week

Tesla chief elon musk’s demands for an immediate opening of the e-car plant in california have fallen on granite with local authorities despite the corona crisis.

Alameda county health department won’t allow production to ramp up until next week. Preliminary inspections will be allowed this week, the agency said wednesday. In cooperation with the police, they will make sure that tesla employees keep the safety distance and other requirements, they said.

California attorney general xavier becerra told CNBC that his office will enforce compliance "if necessary.

Alameda county had imposed exit restrictions in the corona crisis until the end of may, but the state of california as a whole is allowing operations to open with precautionary approvals. Tesla filed a lawsuit against the county’s regulations over the weekend, and musk announced that he would open the factory in defiance of the local regulations – even at the risk of being arrested for it. Musk received backing from U.S. President donald trump, who tweeted that the plant should be allowed to open "now.

So far, it remains unclear how many of the 10,000 or so.000 employees have already returned to the factory. Local media reported that the parking lot at the factory was already full again, and the technology blog "the verge", citing tesla workers, wrote that around 200 vehicles had already been built over the weekend. County officials said that judging by these reports, tesla was in violation of their requirements – but they had no further information.

For tesla, the factory in fremont is of major importance: by far the most vehicles are built there, while production at the new second plant in china is still in its infancy. The manufacturer only recently managed to return to stable black figures after a long series of high losses, and this year it wanted to reach the figure of 500.Surpassing 000 deliveries.

Musk had downplayed the corona virus threat from the start and last week called the alameda county curfews "fascist".

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