Setback for ttc wohlbach: 1:6 against weinheim

TTC wohlbach suffers a heavy defeat against TTC weinheim, but still remains in 2nd place. 3rd place in the table. Table tennis national league sud.

After last weekend’s great start to the second round, the TTC weinheim quickly put an end to the TTC wohlbach’s short-lived high-flying streak. Wohlbach had already planned a lot for the duel between second and third in the league. But this time the guests presented themselves in a strong condition.

3. Bundesliga sud men

TTC wohlbach – TTC weinheim 1:6

Some of the players of the team were as if they had been boosted up. Nevertheless, wohlbach had its chances, but was then not able to take advantage of them. The doubles pairings were completely according to the wohlbacher ideas. Grozdan grozdanov and yevgeniy christ played against filip chipin and tom eise. In the first halves of the set, they always led by a large margin, but in the end did not bring home a set. Michal benes and richard vyborny faced laurens devos and bjorn baum. A tactical game over the full distance. Here it was already noticeable that michal benes was not able to reach his full performance potential due to his cold condition. Nevertheless, the team from wohlbach was leading 10:7 in the fifth, but had to accept the 10:10 and then won 12:10.

The two individual games before the break already brought a certain pre-decision. Michal benes had no chance against chipin. He was not in full possession of his strength and cipin was in an incredible condition. Never before had they shown such strength and speed in their many encounters against wohlbach. A smooth 3:0 was the result.

Richard vyborny knew he had to win against devos if his team was to stay in the race. He tried everything against the 19-year-old belgian, who was much stronger than he looked on paper. After leading 1:0, he fell behind 1:2, but was able to equalize again. In the fifth set, however, he could no longer get into the match and had to admit defeat. The score was 1:3 at the break.

If anything was to happen, two points had to be scored in the back pairing. The chances were there. Grozdan grozdanov was already leading 2:0 against baum, but then was no longer able to bring his game home.

A similar situation arose in the pairing of yevgenij christ against eise. In the first set he led 10:6 and then had to give up the set with 11:13. Nevertheless, he fought his way to a 2:1 set lead, but it was not enough. His last chance was gone. Because the fight michal benes against devos was hopeless from the start. He managed to win the second set, but that was all he could do. This sealed the relatively high defeat, which the wohlbach team must quickly put to bed.

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