Obertrubach defies the rain at perpetual adoration

When the participants left the church, unpleasant rain began to fall, but after returning to the church it stopped again. The people of obertrubach and their helpers had once again carefully made all the preparations to celebrate the centuries-old tradition in a fitting and dignified manner.

The media interest was unimaginable. Various tv stations reported in advance and also on the day itself. For the last hour of prayer, the guests of honor, accompanied by the flags of the community, marched from the town hall through the village to the parish church of st. Peter. Laurentius. Father werner wolf buried many honorary guests from the clergy, good friends such as domkapitular josef zerndl or monsignor andreas straub, as well as the alumni of the wurzburg seminary, where the future priests of the archdiocese of bamberg will be trained. They were joined by a guest priest from nigeria. So one was international.

Ocumenical together

From the political side, mdb silke launert (CSU) took part, as did mdl michael hofmann (CSU) and thorsten glauber (). Pastor wolf was particularly pleased that, in addition to district administrator hermann ulm (CSU), all the mayors of the surrounding area once again took part. It met his repeatedly expressed and demanded desire to live together ecumenically.

"Man is sustained by the love of god. Faith means to let oneself be captured by this love", was a message from wolf in the filled church.

Many wax lights were already burning on the slopes, which industrious people from obertrubach, under the guidance of hans bauer, had cast by the thousands from candle remnants and wood shavings between the holidays.

For years inhabited

For years, the weather had spoiled the people of obertrubach with a gentle blanket of snow. The news had already warned of the weather capriciousness. The worst was over, but still the wind blew strongly. Many a light on the meadows had to be lit several times by the helpers. Like lukas and julia haberberger.

They come every year from kerbeldorf near pegnitz (bayreuth district) to help out. But they did not give up and eventually succeeded.

No crowds

It was not the crowd of the last year, but also with these circumstances surprisingly many people from near and far had found the way here. They marveled at the peaceful hillsides bathed in thousands of lights, with obertrubach nestled picturesquely within them. Christian symbols such as the cross and the chalice adorned the mountains and houses. The darkness had fallen over the country and the cars were banned from the streets, when the church door opened and the faithful formed for the light procession through the town. Pastor werner wolf carried the holy of holies.

"I wish we had only one percent of these visitors", fluttered in amazement a visitor, when the crowd did not want to end. The place shone in the light, the residents had spared no pains, brought themselves in. Father wolf was also pleased with the many candles and lights that accompanied the procession and did honor to its name. With the solemn te deum in the gotteshaus ended the first rough high point of the municipality of obertrubach this year.

Afterwards there was the procession to the town hall with the final flag parade of the associations. Finally, the community invited the guests of honor and the volunteers to a cozy get-together and exchange of ideas.

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