Miracle of technology

miracle of technology

Curtain up – and the adventure in the magic theater begins: we have landed in the middle of a greek tragedy. Yellow light flickers on the wall. But … Wait a minute, we’re not on the stage of a time-honored theater, we’re in the wooden belly of "LT" the theater wonder machine of lea and tabita oberkofler.

Automatic room service – a dream come true!

The two girls from kulmbach, like many other children and young people, won a prize in the KLARTEXT wonder machine competition! Join in. "I can take you to theater pieces from the past and the future, which you can then act in and experience", is in "lts" cover letter that lea and tabita came up with for their time travel machine.

The jury, which put all the designs through their paces, had a lot of fun: "i actually think they’re all ingenious", editor natalie schalk admits. "But I like ‘LT’ best: the idea of traveling back in time with the machine and playing along with the ancient greeks, I think is great!" She liked best some of the miracle machines at home "especially the one with the liquids in the belly and the one for cleaning up". The dream of a fully automatic nursery cleaning service seems to move many of the young tufters. This has also been noticed by johannes michel, better known to our readers as technik-michel: "many people have dealt with the topics of cleaning up and mull: the mullbots are really already colorful. And in the robot nesting world we find interesting technical variations."

All entries win!

Also christine martin from KLARTEXT!-team has found their personal favorite miracle machine: "PR 5012, according to her profile she can make pizzas and bake them in her tin belly! " I think it’s great how creatively the younger ones have put their imaginations into practice. And the technical skills of the coarse is great!"

Basic research and inventiveness

THE CLARTEXT!-team congratulates all young designers: jonathan from rattelsdorf ("mr. Chong yow 3002"), class 7b of the caspar-vischer-gymnasium in kulmbach ("robot nesting world"), sandrina from scheblitz ("partybot"), moritz from hildesheim in lower saxony ("KZAR-ork*1"), jonathan from scheblitz ("kehromat"), the students of the elementary and middle school in heroldsbach (artistic "mullbots), the fifth graders of the middle school in burkardroth ("killer" and "xator") and justus, louis and david from the gymnasium alexandrinum coburg ("roborilla"). All have done important basic research and shown great inventiveness! All participants/classes win professional robotics sets from lego for their class and can continue tufting with them!

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