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For the 15-year-old jan sturzenberger it was a matter of course. However, he told an apartment owner on 22. February’s life may have been saved by his courageous efforts.
The smoke development during the fire, which the young firefighter noticed from the sidewalk, made him react immediately. He quickly fetched a fire extinguisher from his grandfather next door and hurried to the upstairs apartment of the house to extinguish the fire. As a result, there was only one person slightly injured, who was able to be released from the hospital a short time later.

District fire chief benno metz called this courageous intervention of the young man a "shining example" in the district. What they had learned in the fire department certainly had an effect here. Metz also highlighted the praising words from the police recording in this case. Here it was also pointed out that the young man with the fire extinguisher reacted quickly and thus provided essential help.
The case showed that firefighting is necessary and that training should start in schools, emphasized benno metz. The brave young firefighter received praise for his efforts as well as a present and a movie voucher from mayor gotthard schlereth (CSU/).

The mission is priceless

the center of attention of the day of honor in the town hall of oberthulba was of course the longstanding active members of the fire department. "We appreciate you doing this service. It’s not always easy to immediately wake up when the radio alarm goes off or the alarm siren blares, emphasized schlereth. His thanks also went to the employers who allow these necessary deployments to take place. District administrator thomas bold (CSU) agreed: "without fire departments, we would be lost in the countryside. We couldn’t do this on a full-time basis, it was simply priceless."

District administrator bold did not close his eyes to the challenges either. The fire departments are well equipped. Now the changeover to digital radio is not just a financial challenge. The transition in handling also requires more effort. Praise paid to bold for youth training.

District fire chief benno metz pointed out how important it is for the fire brigades to have blanket coverage. They are a population protection which is absolutely necessary in cooperation with the organizations red cross and technical relief organization. It is a matter of saving human lives and intervening in all kinds of dangers, often under difficult and dangerous conditions for the rescue workers.

Honors district administrator thomas bold, district fire chief benno metz and mayor gotthard schlereth jointly presented the state honorary badges for 25 and 40 years of active service in the fire department. In addition, the respective commanders informed about the achievements and activities of the honored in their local fire departments.

Honored for 25 years of active service: alexander leitschuh (frankenbrunn); detlef riemann (thulba) and volker kirchner (schlimpfhof). Already 40 years in active service and partly many years in responsible position are: herbert marschhauser; robert knuttel, edgar muller (all hetzlos); karl heinz rost (hassenbach); gerhard knuttel (reith); werner fella, albin gerlach, gerhard knoblauch, alfred manger (all thulba) as well as alfred schlereth and ewald schlereth (both schlimpfhof).

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