City council agrees: clear sludge to pellets

Bernhard panzer in its last meeting, the city council made a decision on the disposal of clear sludge. The board agreed with the proposal of the main and finance committee.

So in the future, drying and pelletizing will be done on the land of the own clearing plant. Then the clear sludge is taken away to be burned.

Topic biogas plants

In the meeting, the head of the civil engineering office, christian bendler, also addressed proposals that had been raised by the agenda group in the meantime and were also mentioned in the meeting. According to this, the clear sludge could be brought to local biogas plants, so that it could be further utilized there.

He had spoken to operators on the phone, bendler said at the city council meeting. According to initial findings, this will not change the situation. Even then, wet mud was transported to foreign contractors. This variant, however, is no longer wanted.

Closely linked to the future treatment of clear sludge is also the issue of phosphate reclamation. Here, new tasks await the municipalities. The whole discussion is still in motion, said mayor german hacker. He said the city of herzogenaurach was not rough enough to build its own plant in this area.

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