Chapel building association looks back on a successful year

As the burggrub chapel building association was able to ascertain at its annual general meeting, the year of the 25th anniversary of the chapel’s consecration was very successful. In addition to an impressive number of members, the 1. Chairman willi bischoff also buried the mayor of the coarse municipality of stockheim, rainer detsch, and the local clergyman, pastor michael foltin. The chairman remarked that the ceremony at the border and peace chapel on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the chapel consecration was a special event. With the participation of several pastors from thuringia and bavaria as well as the regional bishop of central germany, ilse junkermann, the festive service left a lasting impression on the many visitors. Musical accompaniment was provided by the trombone choirs from burggrub and neuhaus and a youth trombone choir from ortenburg near passau. Furthermore, bischoff also expressed that the popularity, documented by increasing attendance, was increasing. So also this year again larger groups of visitors had visited the chapel with busses and were informed by the chairman about the emergence of the chapel.
As the entries in the visitors’ books show, many a worry and sorrow is also presented to our lord god in the chapel. From the organizational side, the chairman announced that the planned renovations of the chapel’s interior and exterior would be completed before the anniversary on 3. September could be completed. Also a copper gutter was still attached to the tower head.
After the last minutes had been presented by secretary friedrich beetz, chief financial officer uwe gunther shed light on the cash situation. The cash auditors confirmed that his cash management was impeccable. Both, the 1. Mayor rainer detsch as well as pastor michael foltin thanked the chapel building association for its commitment to peace in the way that they had u. A. Also a sign for the peaceful growing together of east and west made and reminded that borders are overcome and must be overcome. From the meeting came the suggestion to redesign the chapel and to document the creation of the chapel in a book of pictures. This was accepted. At the end of the meeting, the bishop thanked the clergy from neuhaus and burggrub for the church care of the chapel, siegfried hauck for the trombone choir and all the member families who had carried out the cleaning service and the care of the chapel in an exemplary manner during the year. The exemplary reporting on the anniversary by gerd fleischmann from stockheim was also emphasized.

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