Bjorn hocke warns against splitting the afd

Bjorn hocke warns against splitting the afd

Thuringian afd state and parliamentary group leader bjorn hocke warns of party split in face of power struggle with party leader jorg meuthen.

"The previously "theoretical"" the option of splitting the afd into an east and a west party is being massively pursued," writes hocke on facebook. He attacked meuthen and also addressed the discussion about a special party conference of the afd.

"We don’t need a special party conference to determine that the previous federal spokesman is no longer able or willing to represent the afd in its entirety," hocke wrote. "So far, every afd chairman who has tried to rule the party in the manner of a lord of the manor has failed miserably. (…) one’s own ego must not take precedence over responsibility for members and voters."

The afd federal executive committee had declared the membership of the previous brandenburg state party leader andreas kalbitz on meuthen’s initiative a week ago by a majority vote null and void, citing contacts in the extreme right-wing milieu as the reason. Kalbitz plans to take legal action against the decision. He accused meuthen of "ruthless attempts at division" in "focus" and said: "the party congress, not an individual, decides on the chairmanship and course in the end."

Hocke and kalbitz are among the most important representatives of the formally dissolved right-wing nationalist "wing" of the party, which is observed by the constitutional protection agency as a right-wing extremist current. Brandenburg’s afd state parliamentary group calls for special party conference to elect new federal executive committee.

Afd party leader meuthen defends the legal basis for the expulsion of kalbitz. "We have a clean legal review, this annulment of membership will stand," said meuthen on wednesday evening in the ARD program "maischberger. The week". "We had the information in the middle of april and we kept on testing."Meuthen told the magazine "focus" that the executive board had "examined all legal possibilities" in advance and was "convinced of the legality of the action".

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