A look at “a beautiful life

A look at

The name jauchstetter is well known in maroldsweisach and the surrounding area. Margot and heinz jauchstetter celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary on friday. 60 years together through thick and thin, experienced highs and lows. "We"ve had a good life so far," says, says heinz jauch-stetter and looks lovingly at his bride of joy.

Heinz jauchstetter met margot at the ditterswinder kirchweih during a dance. "There were the girls from ermershausen and one of them was my margot", he says. He saw her standing at the boat swing, and that"s when he noticed her. It didn"t stop at "rocking the boat". 60 years ago the wedding bells rang. Heinz jauchstetter learned his trade as a merchant in schweinfurt and returned to his parents" business in the suburb of maroldsweisach after completing his apprenticeship. His wife margot, a native of ermershausen, was a pharmacy assistant and after their wedding became involved in her husband"s business. In may 1991, the two took over a supermarket on zeilbergstrabe and ran it until december 2018 together with their daughter gabi. Heinz jauchstetter was a member of associations, such as the sports and protection association, the brass band and the singing association, and the habberge traffic watch. He and his wife used to enjoy playing tennis, and the jubilarian was a "real bookworm", as their husband laughingly says. Margot jauchstetter looks thoughtful: "when I look back, the 1960s and 70s were our best time." She also remembers her childhood and especially tours on the motorcycle with her father.

The jubilee couple is happy about three children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. "We used to be a large family with 14 people under one roof", says margot jauchstetter. Your husband heinz adds: "it was already getting crowded in the kitchen."

Today he is 80 years old, his wife margot 79. Congratulators included district administrator wilhelm schneider, mayor wolfram thein and his deputy harald deringer. 

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