What will the next square look like in the future??

What makes a square a square? Is it the reduced street space, the pavement or a few newly planted trees?? Such questions were discussed by the round of residents, interested burghers and councillors that mayor werner knaier had invited to the town hall to examine the first drafts of a redesigned nebtfellplatz as part of the urban development program.
Knaier presented the variants proposed by the tramway department and the city planning department. The key point of these proposals is a shift in the street junctions that converge on the square from the direction of prichsenstadt, from geesdorf and from the town center. The traffic island with the lamp in the middle should disappear altogether. Trees are to be planted where there is now a small traffic island in front of the lang property. Under these, in turn, parking lots are to be created.
In order to be able to test the proposed roadway, the two existing traffic islands will be removed in the near future. Plastic curbs will then mark the street lines. "We are trying out on site how the different traffic flows will be preserved, especially with regard to the heavy bus traffic to the grammar school and the main school", the mayor declared.
Dietmar knauer, an independent architect and burgher from wiesentheide, had already studied the design of the square in detail. For him, the design presented does not go far enough. He pleaded for a right-angled crossing from the prichsenstadter side, contrary to the planned trailing curve. "Otherwise, a lot of space will be wasted. And such an intersection is also much safer." That at this entrance there are two trees on the left and on the right as "entrance gate" the idea of a new post also met with approval in his proposal. He envisages a more comprehensive design with rest areas, green stelae or a fountain.

Calm or not?

"I can very much support this idea of creating a fully calm square", resident rosemarie lang agreed with the architect’s proposal. Anders gunter wehr, who has also lived on the square since his youth. He saw a clear problem concerning the planned parking spaces under the trees coming to the residents. "Young people move out of the center of town if they have to park somewhere far away. It can’t all be car-free." And mayor knaier also said: "the businesses won’t shout hurrah if customers are no longer allowed to park directly in front of the tur."
Councilman michael ruckel sees the design of the square as a first phase. His proposal: a compromise between functionality and appearance until the bypass is completed and the traffic calming measures in the city are in place. "We need to build in such a variety of ways that a redesign in a few years is an option."
Resident hans-peter lang also has serious doubts about the feasibility of the redesign with the current heavy traffic of trucks and buses. Then ruckel: "maybe the trucks will avoid the inner city and choose the second exit from the B286 directly into the industrial area, if it gets tighter at the nebtfellplatz."
Another idea was put forward by paul schug. "The moslerhaus at the bottleneck is for sale. Couldn’t they rub it off and put parking lots in its place?"
All suggestions were taken on board and recorded. "This is not yet the solution I am presenting today, but an initial collection of ideas", knaier recalled and thanked for the lively discussion. Detailed work is to follow.
But first, a date on 18. And 19. The first phase of the project will take place in april with the tram construction office in order to test the feasibility of the proposed tram route on site.

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