Two building requests create more work

The council wants to "go to the meadows" create the legal building conditions in the area of erlenweg so that a production hall with offices and storage rooms can be built there. In its meeting on tuesday evening, the committee decided on the necessary drafting of an inclusion statute and also approved the present draft plan.

As mayor gunther hubner (CSU) explained, the municipality of harsdorf has received a concrete building application for this project. The inspection showed that the land is located in an excavation area. Since the project is not privileged, it is not permitted under the building code. What is needed for this is a simplified procedure for the incorporation of the area.

According to hubner, it is possible to dispense with an environmental assessment and a special assessment under species protection law.

The community council decided on the public interpretation in a simplified procedure, at the same time the bearers of public interests are to be involved.

The 26th vote was also in favor of the project. Modification of the "harsdorf I" development plan with the approval of the design. Here is a preliminary building application for a multi-family house with parking spaces and for two single-family houses, each with a double garage. A public footpath is to facilitate the connection to the train station. In this will also be laid the supply lines. The development with access road and supply lines is to be carried out via blumenstrabe. As mayor gunther hubner pointed out, the change of the development plan "harsdorf I" serves the purpose the urban planning goal "to give priority to densification of inner-city areas over the use of new building plots".

Regarding the extension of the state road 2183 between ramsenthal and harsdorf, mayor gunther hubner reported that the work is fully on schedule. The whole development was visually very well done. The trench coming from the railroad crossing still has to be raised a little bit.

Speed 70 in the direction of sandreuth

Regarding the current extension of the municipal road from zettmeisel to altenreuth, the mayor wanted to know that the asphalting works for the 18. And 19. November are planned.

Hubner's proposal to limit the speed limit on state road 2183 between harsdorf and sandreuth to 70 kilometers per hour met with approval.

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