There will be dredging, building and clearing

The graduate engineer is employed by the freeway directorate of northern bavaria, which is responsible for the current work on the A 70 in the "harsdorfer berg" area responsible. Preparations are currently being made for the planned eight-kilometer expansion of the long-distance link between the kulmbach/neudrossenfeld junction and the bayreuth/kulmbach triangle.
The total cost is estimated at 45 million euros. This also includes the new construction of bypasses, the renewal of twelve bridges and the drainage with the construction of rainwater retention and sedimentation basins. The new construction of the community connection road between oberhettersreuth and altenreuth was also brought forward, which could already be opened yesterday to a limited extent and with which an underpass was saved.
"The major rehabilitation of the A70 will take place next year and in 2014. We have allocated the budget and last week published the rough tender", explains probst, according to whom work will begin on the northbound carriageway in march 2013. The sud roadway will follow in 2014. "We always have a short construction time of only half a year. That is why the preparatory work is necessary, because otherwise we will not be able to do it."
These preparations also include the local road network, which must be upgraded so that it can handle the rerouted traffic next year, as all the underpasses will be closed off. Probst: "that is also the difficult part of the construction site, because we have to maintain the access roads to the small villages. That is why a number of field roads have now been upgraded in advance to serve as replacement roads."
A challenge for the road builder are the old bridge structures, where a new underpass or overpass is being built in their place. "Everything must be precisely coordinated. It’s much easier to build on a greenfield site because you can build according to plan. But here we have to regulate the traffic and also talk to all the residents, because above all we are restricting the farmers somewhat", says the senior construction manager, who does not see himself facing any major problems in solving these tasks: "we have a good relationship with everyone and talk to them on site."
The second major project is the construction of the rainwater retention basin on the "haselbach" with a huge dam embankment that will be up to 20 meters high. Chief construction officer michael probst: "we have also brought forward these inspections because otherwise it would have been far too tight next year," explains probst. Before you build on top, it is also good if the dam lies so long."
This is a joint project with the municipality of harsdorf, whose mayor gunther hubner admits: "we could only afford this flood protection for the lower-lying residential areas of harsdorf together with the freeway embankment as a protective wall." Umpteen years ago there had been problems with flooding here. Now, a calculation of the runoff model has shown that there is a risk of flooding if a retention structure is not created. With the closure of the haselbach, the danger from the altenreuther bach is more manageable."
With the new "haselbach" rainwater retention basin more than 100,000 cubic meters of storage volume will be created. The mayor: "it is then even an emergency drainage through the zettmeiseler autobahn bridge up to a 1000-year flood possible. So the water can be dammed up so high without anything happening."
The pure flood protection costs around 450,000 euros, the share of the municipality of harsdorf is around 100,000 euros. With the common basin, the actual rainwater retention of the autobahn can be omitted, and so the autobahn directorate, and thus the federal government, participates in these costs. According to michael probst, the huge embankment alone directly adjacent to the highway involves around 50,000 cubic meters of earth being moved by the construction vehicles.
Finally, in november and december of this year, logging will begin, because about 50 hectares of forest must be cleared. Before that the telecommunication cable should be laid along the highway.
The chief construction advisor is not pleased with the rain of the past few days: "for earthworks, this weather is naturally catastrophic. This has already slowed us down a bit, but we still have room to breathe."

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