There are 450 winners at the swimming festival

"Water basketball and the great slide" for timo (7), from class 1A at the don bosco school in stappenbach, the most interesting stops on the 14-day trip were a bicycle and a car. Swimming festival of the forderschools in the aquarena leisure pool in zapfendorf. His classmate elias (8) can’t decide what he liked best. To a short "actually everything" he is then ready to get back to the sublimes he has brought with him.

The two boys are for the first time at this swim festival. Her teacher karin pleyer, on the other hand, is already 14 years old. For the first time there and already in the apron in the extensive organization work with had been involved. She appreciates "the pleasant and beautiful atmosphere in the zapfendorf pool" and the "welcome change for their proteges. "Having fun together is very important for the children of the ford schools", says the teacher.

In addition to the forderschule from stappenbach, this year the martin-wiesend-schule, bartolomeo-garelli school, bertold-scharfenberg school, von lerchenfeld school, giechburgschule scheblitz and a cooperative class from the volksschule burgebrach will be on site. The participation of a cooperative class turns the event into an integrative swimming festival. For the first time, it brought together all the ford schools in the city and district of bamberg. Nowhere else in upper franconia is there such an offer.

But this is not really important for the fewest of the 450 visitors on this day. What counts much more is that on this morning they can leave their everyday school life behind them and simply have fun. The offers range from the "courage jump" about "diving in the water all the way to "sackhupfen. Every child finds opportunities to try out and prove his or her own abilities. Many of the six- to twelve-year-olds meet their peers here whom they still know from their preparatory school, and many a teacher who is currently working at another school is greeted with a friendly "hello buried.

For district youth welfare officer angelika trunk, it is important that this swimming festival of the ford schools is a "fun festival without a performance character" to organize. Therefore, there will be no winners’ lists and no award ceremony, but each participant will receive a small prize.

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