Stone delivery for mabbach at a snail’s pace

Since thursday the construction work at the market place in mabbach is stopped. The stones for the further paving have not arrived in time. The community waits for the delivery every day. But on friday morning they had not yet arrived.

The employees of the construction company had already left the construction site on thursday afternoon, because they could not work any longer.

For half a year, the granite stones have been on order, which will be used for the market square should be spared. But the stones don’t come from germany, but from the far east. For cost reasons a chinese granite was chosen which will be shipped to germany. 2. Burgermeister dr. Diethard dittmar does not know why the delivery is taking so long. But at least he had been informed that the stones have reached germany in the meantime. And actually they should arrive on friday then. But the delivery was not yet there in the morning. "Only when the stones are there can work continue", so the 2. Mayor. It is not the first time that the community has had to wait for stones. Dittmar says that the first delivery has already arrived a few weeks late.

From the neighboring church square at least there was positive news on friday. There finally the lamps were set. The community also waited impatiently for the lighting for this square for a long time. "That is why the construction fence is still there", so dr. Dittmar. He is curious to see whether the market community will have to wait until the market square lighting is installed.

Due to the delayed construction progress, the originally planned inauguration date in october cannot be met. That is why there is now a new deadline. On 3. November is market sunday in mabbach. And on this date the redesigned market place will be handed over to its destination. This ceremony is also embedded in the year-end event "wunderbar wanderbar" the schweinfurt oberland alliance; the market town of mabbach is a member of this municipal alliance.

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