Schneiderbanger remains chairman of sv zapfendorf

The new elections at the SV zapfendorf during the annual meeting confirmed the previous board team around matthias schneiderbanger. It became clear once again: no club in the region is affected by the upcoming ICE construction site as much as the zapfendorfer sports club. The main playing field will soon be eliminated.
The main playing field of the sports club can still be used until the end of november or the beginning of december – then it becomes a construction site. Because part of the roadway for the new zapfendorf north railroad crossing, which will serve as a replacement for the railroad crossing with barriers in the center of the town, runs over the square.

For this reason, the youth game has already been outsourced to the courts of the surrounding clubs. The training ground behind the sports center, which was originally intended as a storage area for the railroad construction site, will now be retained and has been levelled. For the moment, he is being spared for the second half of the year. Thus, the SV zapfendorf can continue to play its home games on its own land, which is extremely important for the club, but also for the managed sports house. After completion of the railroad expansion, the desire remains for an artificial turf playing field, which is to be built in addition to the training field.

The club turns 95 this year

Before the construction site starts, there will be a big celebration, because the club will be 95 years old this year and will be the second club in upper franconia – after the spvgg rattelsdorf – to be awarded the "golden diamond with ears" for the second time of the bavarian fubball federation lent. For this the SV zapfendorf invites on friday, 9. October, from 19 o’clock in the sporthaus a.

There were no changes in the SV zapfendorf board of directors during the new elections. First chairman remains matthias schneiderbanger, who received a yes vote from 61 of the 64 eligible voters. He is supported by antje hohmann and hans habermann as additional chairmen, cashier remains ingrid schmitt, and secretary klaus helmreich. The club committee consists of jurgen bohm, marco nestmann, andreas ries, holger bohm, and manfred schmitt.

During the annual meeting it became clear: financially, the SV zapfendorf is doing well, but through the construction of a new playing field high costs will also come to the club. An important source of income remains the sports house, which contributes a large part to the overall finances. But especially in the management team give to think about new blood worries. Schneiderbanger therefore called for new helpers to be recruited, even if only for a certain period of time.

Three new honorary members

Extensive honors were also on the agenda. 25 club members were honored for 50 years of club membership, and hermann schneiderbanger has been with the club for 60 years. The meeting unanimously decided to appoint siegfried betz, jurgen betz and magda kurz as honorary members.
There were also sporting reviews. Basketball department head marco nestmann reported on a "season of second places" – all four teams in play ended their season in second place in the table. The issue of refugees is currently very pressing, says nestmann. Already a "landerspiel" was played germany – syria, the just arrived young refugees were already there for a training session.

A successful season also lies behind the fubballers. With 66 points, they have reached third place in the district league table, and there are hopes of promotion again for the current season: they have won six of the eight games played so far.

Georg sohnlein invited to the seven performances of the new play of the theater group, starting on the 24th of october. October, the presale starts on 12. October.

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