Sahra wagenknecht cooks at “grill den profi

Sahra wagenknecht cooks at 'grill den profi

Left-wing party leader sahra wagenknecht joins the cooking show “grill den profi”. In the vox transmission already world champions, olympia winner and guests from the high nobility at the stove to see were, but never yet an active federal politician, communicated the transmitter on wednesday.

This is also a premiere for wagenknecht (48): “this is the first time she has taken part in an entertainment show.This is an exciting challenge,” the left-wing politician explains at the beginning of the program. “And i”ll be honest: i”m more excited than when i want to go to “anne” or “maybrit illner go!”

Asked about reactions from her faction, wagenknecht says: "they were all completely horrified and said, ‘for god’s sake, don’t do that! You’re a serious woman, you can’t cook in public." But that didn’t impress me that much."Wagenknecht plays along for the day’s victory and a donation for a good cause together with actor daniel donskoy ("sankt maik"), presenter lutz van der horst ("heute-show") as well as chef-coach mario kotaska. According to the broadcaster, they have only one goal in common: to "grill" professional chef ali gungormus.

On "grill den profi," hosted by ruth moschner, celebrity hobby cooks compete against a professional chef. In each episode, the celebrities bring along their favorite dish to put the professional to the test with the help of a cooking coach, who only finds out in the show which dish is being cooked.

The show with sahra wagenknecht will be shown on vox on sunday, 20. May, at 20.15 o’clock.

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