Report changes to areas

The basis for the 2018 application for farmers is now being created. Adjustments to existing field plots and additions of new plots report farmers in i-BALIS. There are available the latest aerial photos from the 2017 aerial survey. This is reported by the office for food, agriculture and forestry kitzingen. It is the applicants’ own responsibility to ensure that only the exact areas for which there is a right of use are indicated. Grun trails and roadside vegetation, etc. Can not be part of a field trip. Particular attention should be paid to flat areas adjacent to forests, as well as those with landscape features. In addition, since 2016 there is no longer a tolerance rule for changes to the permanent grassland stand. A multiple application can only be submitted if all fields of an applicant are marked as "checked" by the applicant. The amt fur ernahrung, landwirtschaft und forsten kitzingen further points out that on 8. January the application phase for the agri-environmental decrees (kulap and VNP) begins.

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