Jan frodeno: “there are more important things than sport right now”

Jan frodeno: 'there are more important things than sport right now'

Actually, it was now the last weeks of preparation before the start of the season. In fact jan frodeno has to do the training for the 3.8 kilometer swim, 180.2 kilometer bike and 42.2 kilometer run at home.

The three-time ironman world champion (38) lives with his wife and two children in girona near barcelona. In spain, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a curfew.

How are you and your family?

Jan frodeno: i personally am in top shape. We have not let the children go to school since wednesday, after the little one was not feeling well. Of course it is also difficult when you are female, that you are only at home for the next 15 days. But we are all well.

How do you perceive the situation in spain with the curfew at the moment??

Frodeno: here it is also culturally a heavy intervention. Here you bury even strangers with kisses. This close to the mediterranean life is shut down. On the other hand we feel a very rough solidarity especially with the hospital staff.

Have you taken further precautions with your family??

Frodeno: because we also have relatives in singapore, the topic has been present in the family for a long time. We have the mabnahmen then but also rather relatively late seized. Of course there is less of a chance when you stay at home, but you do try to get a bit of a normal life going too. We hope that all in all we have acted early enough.

Are there problems with food?

Frodeno: here the supermarkets are still very well stocked. But i also caught myself ordering three kilos of coffee from my regular roastery. I otherwise pay more attention to the food than to the toilet paper. Hoarding purchases are not taking place – at least in my environment. The people are very sensible.

To what extent is your training limited?

Frodeno: one must never forget that there are also still clearly worse, than the mabnahmen, which were taken now. I’m taking it a little easier during the days, also so that my immune system is not at its limit. Besides, it is relatively certain that – to put it cautiously – in the next few weeks, and certainly not in my sport, we can expect races with a few thousand participants. I have a treadmill at home, I have a roller at home, and I’m going to try to simulate swimming with a rubber band. The next two weeks, however, the training is also absolutely secondary. There are more important things than sports right now.

Do you have a plan B for this season??

Frodeno: no, not at all. I am still happy when races take place. It is now a question of maintaining a certain level and then seeing how things progress. One does not know whether the quarantine inspections will be extended again. I also use the time now to hang out with my kids and improve my skills on the trampoline.

About jan frodeno (38): three-time ironman world champion and triathlon olympic champion. Born in colonia, he lives with his wife and two children, mainly in girona, spain.

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