How sub! Triplets in the cowshed

How sub! triplets in the cowshed

Jeti, jeta and janina look happily at the world – and so can they, for they are three lively little calves. The drilledlings were recently born on the farm of gisela and wolfgang rempel in brux.
The probability that twin calves will be born is already not very high at four percent. "We regularly have them on the farm", says gisela rempel. Triplets are more of a sensation. "We had that before. But that must have been about 30 years ago", she remembers.
The mother of the three heifers jamie. "This is a top cow", gisela rempel proudly emphasizes. Last year, jamie gave around 10,800 liters of milk. The farm manager is all the more pleased that jamie in particular has brought such lush new blood to the farm.

Of course, the father also plays a role when it comes to the offspring. The heibt vanstein. "It was also a great breeding animal", schwarmt gisela rempel. Was? Well, even a breeding animal doesn't live forever.
There will be descendants of vanstein for some time to come. As is the case with stars in this industry, seed is still kept frozen. And as it is in the market economy, it becomes more and more expensive to get vanstein offspring, the rarer the vanstein seed becomes.

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