Grandma hanne says goodbye

Grandma hanne says goodbye

"Granny hanne, do you want to come to my birthday party?" Asked a girl and printed with this invitation, how the martinsheim kindergarten children liked their "grandma hanne. But at 65, hanne brantz retires irrevocably.

1997 she was already present at the basic cleaning of the new kindergarten. Until now, she has acted as the "good spirit" of the kindergarten, as mayor august hopf put it. With pleasure they would have been present also still to the completion of the rebuilding, however, the retirement age was faster. "You’ll be invited to the dedication of the crib as a matter of course," promised director marion knochel.

When hanne brantz stopped farming in 1997, it seamlessly transitioned into employment as a cleaner. "I like to clean and want everything to be in order," is her attitude. When her husband died eight years ago, it was the kindergarten children who helped her get over the death. From the youngest to the preschoolers, she enjoys the highest esteem as "grandma hanne". Even with those who are long out of kindergarten age and have grown up in the meantime.

It’s clear that the 65-year-old won’t retire just like that. All the children said goodbye to her with a song. "Hanne, you are wonderful, you make it bright and clear," sang the little ones, who presented her with many gifts in turn: cakes, flowers and self-painted pictures. The picture with all the children will have a special place with her.

In addition to the kindergarten teachers, mayor august hopf and anke dahlfeld from the parents’ council thanked her for her work. But the basket of the freshly retired woman also proved to be a true fullhorn. There was ice cream for the children and green plants for the kindergarten team, because after all, hanne brantz was also the "green thumb" of the kindergarten.

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