Everything depends on the internet connection

The casimirianum was pretty well prepared for the corona crisis in spring. As a partner school in the digital school 2020 pilot project, it was able to test its know-how under stressful conditions. "The school was able to react flexibly to problems with the online channels, which were overloaded at the beginning of the crisis, thanks to the broad knowledge of possible alternatives that existed among the staff", school superintendent burkhardt spachmann states. That’s why the casimirians are starting the new school year in good spirits. For others, especially elementary schools, the switch to digital education means jumping in at the deep end. A teacher from neuses describes the positive aspects: "I have noticed that we can cope well with this unusual situation for our school because we are all pulling together. That gave me a lot of strength and the courage to try new things and go unfamiliar ways."The bottom line, however, is that profitable homeschooling via videoconferencing depends on a good internet connection. And unfortunately, not all schools have access to it. The teacher calls this the "major construction site" – independent of the need for further training among teachers.

In our survey, the city of coburg also received high praise for the support and maintenance of the computers. Unlike in the district, it’s system administrators from the information and communications technology office who take care of the equipment in the schools. The situation in the new school year is different from that in the spring. Homeschooling no longer comes as a surprise. "I have it in mind as a possible scenario", says teacher from neuses. This is changing the way schools are prepared for the start of the school year. Reading, arithmetic and writing hours even more in focus in terms of content. The feedback from the families about the homeschooling time has helped. We now know where the problem lies and what is needed. Office 365 had also improved the technical requirements enormously.

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