Demand for wood is high

Demand for wood is high

Mayor bruno gamm was pleased with the results of the 2011 timber harvest. For the first time, the municipality has contracted out the work to a contracting company, as the co-owners are no longer able to do woodwork due to age, the mayor said at the municipal council meeting.

The service manager had done a good job for the price of 781 euros. 195,5 ster were harvested, mostly oak and hornbeam, which were sold for 25 euro per ster. "A good yield considering our small forest," gamm noted.

Demand for crown timber was rough and the wood was quickly sold to the self-harvesters, he said. Of the proceeds, the sum of 2029 euros had flowed into the municipal coffers. In addition, 600 euros were brought by the sale of 25 hectares from the forest around wengertshausla. There, the employees of the building yard have thinned the forest for the first time.

Gamm could not say anything about the sale of value timber, as this is accounted for by the kitzingen forestry community.

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