Danndorf fire department: fire protection improved with new vehicle

The danndorf fire department is delighted to have a new emergency vehicle: the 99.400-euro journey now officially handed over to the troops by mayor robert bosch (CSU). Bosch recalled that the mainleus municipal council had approved the purchase – which was to be made at 24.200 euro was demanded by the free state – has already decided in may 2019.

The vehicle is equipped with a 500 meter long smart unit and replaces the previous trailer. Bosch did not hide the fact that the new vehicle would probably also increase the number of operations, because it could be used more quickly than the trailer.

In conclusion, he thanked the active members for their voluntary work.

District fire inspector friedrich weinlein spoke of a historic date for the danndorf fire department. The new vehicle is conceptually excellently equipped and well thought out. "You have made a good choice", he said to the field. He thanked the M arkt mainleus, which provides for the mobility of the fire brigade and thus for the safety of the expressions.

"From a long-awaited fire truck" commander alexander bacher spoke. He recalled the "exciting phase" of the acquisition of the acquisition. The commander, like the mayor, assumes that the squad will now have to go out on missions more often. The vehicle is in any case as the fire brigade had imagined and wished it to be. They will now familiarize themselves with the vehicle through exercises and prepare themselves for the operations.

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