Csu nominates martin as mayoral candidate

Csu nominates martin as mayoral candidate

On saturday evening, the CSU schondra elected the incumbent mayor bernold martin as its top candidate for the 2020 municipal elections without any opposing candidates. He received 100 percent approval from the voting members present at the well-attended nomination meeting.

With bernold martin, the CSU schondra had a very experienced and competent incumbent who, with his expertise and his competence in local politics, saw his commitment to the community as a vocation and could demonstrate a successful track record for the community in recent years, according to the chairman of the CSU local association, roman jorg.

Exciting times

After bernold martin accepted the election, he thanked the board in his short speech for the trust and support and drew a first balance from the last six years, which, according to martin, were marked by countless small and large projects, encounters and exciting times.

Potential of the rhon

Also in the future martin would like to work on the further development of the community and in doing so not to lose sight of the balance between the homeland attachment and the potential of the rhon, on the one hand, the strengthening of the business location and its jobs schondra, on the other hand, and the concerns of the citizens, who feel comfortable in the community and want to live here with pleasure.

According to martin, things like family-friendliness across generations, childcare options or education and leisure opportunities are among the core issues that will become increasingly important in the future.

"I am proud to be mayor of this community, my home community", said martin.

Martin said at the end that he wanted to be and remain mayor and thus the representative of all citizens in all parts of the town.

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