Charite doctor attacked – baby infections still ratselhaft

Charite doctor attacked - baby infections still ratselhaft

Six sick children still being treated. Eight more babies carrying the germ are being closely monitored, germany’s largest university hospital announced on wednesday evening. There are no new traps.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, a baby presumed to have died of intestinal germs was found as early as 12. October buried in a muslim cemetery on columbia dam. There had initially been a fuss about the remainder of the baby.

According to police, the two cursed attackers on tuesday may have wanted to take revenge on the gynecologist for allegedly mistreating a woman. The hitters had not yet been caught. A connection with the sick babies in the charite was ruled out. Perpetrator and victim did not know each other, investigators said. The berlin medical association also did not know whether the physician had been reported to the police.

According to the medical association, the victim of the attack was a highly competent doctor who also gave seminars on communication between doctor and patient. There have been repeated attacks on physicians. In march, two doctors were shot dead by a pensioner in their practice in rhineland-palatinate. The 78-year-old then killed himself. Tightened security concepts for hospitals do not want marburger bund and medical association.

Health senator mario czaja (CDU) visited the 44-year-old head of gynecology at the virchow hospital in wedding, which belongs to charite, at his bedside. The professor suffered a fractured rib, bruises and bruises. A colleague who tried to help was also attacked.

The senator spoke of a cowardly attack. He hoped for a quick arrest of the perpetrators. A good dozen witnesses had seen the fleeing perpetrators as they were on their rounds. Some had already testified.

According to charite, the doctor is on the road to recovery. A link to the infections in two charite wards where infants and newborns with serious illnesses are treated is speculative, he said. The doctor is not active in this area.

The infant died on 5. October at the german heart center. The child had been successfully operated on there. Afterwards, however, the intestinal germ infection, which he had presumably contracted in a prematurely born ward of the charite, had flared up again. According to health senator czaja, it was not until after the infant was buried that it was found to be infected with intestinal germs.

It remained unclear whether an autopsy would be performed on the little corpse. "We are now examining with an expert forensic doctor whether an autopsy is still useful," said prosecutor’s office spokesman martin steltner. The public prosecutor’s office only officially learned of the burial on wednesday. She investigates unknown for involuntary manslaughter. Charite, on the other hand, said it had informed the public prosecutor’s office earlier about the infant’s identity and the parents’ place of residence.

According to steltner, the family of the dead child did not know about the germs until now. She had been notified only now. The medical director of the charite, ulrich frei, told the news agency dpa, in the last days of life the child was in the heart center. But now charite has informed the parents because midwives had good contacts with the family.

Health senator czaja criticized charite’s information policy on wednesday. The medical director frei said, however, a scandal he does not see.

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