Bomb alert in bonn – federal police assume it was a fake

The koln police, on the other hand, said it was still unclear whether the bomb was functional or a dummy. Specialists are currently on the way. Bonn train station was still cordoned off in the evening. Trains could pass through, but none stopped, the railroad said.

According to information from "spiegel-online" police search for three suspects. Witnesses are said to have seen the young men place a bag on track 1, which, according to initial information from the bonn police, contained a pipe bomb. However, the koln police did not provide any further information on this, not even whether the disarming had already taken place. At the same time, media reports circulated that the alleged bomb was just a dummy.

The bomb alarm was sounded in the early afternoon because of the suspected travel bag. The bonn police had initially reported that the bag had been deliberately shot at with a water rifle. According to media reports it was made harmless. The koln police, who took over responsibility shortly afterwards, did not confirm this and did not give any details.

It was only a blow, decarriers of the federal police had been called to the cordoned off railroad station area. At no point was there any evidence of injury or damage.

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