16. Architecture biennale successfully completed

16. Architecture Biennale successfully completed

The 16. Architecture biennale was opened on 25.11.2018 under its motto "out there – architecture beyond building" celebrated. The curator called on the exhibitors at the architecture biennial to remember their roots. In 56 national contributions, covering 30 pavilions, the responsibility for the environment and the future of architecture was emphasized. The german contribution to the international architecture exhibition came from the two architects friedrich von borries and matthias bottger. They both belong to the berlin office "raumtaktik". As the secretary of state engelbert lutke said, an independent commission of experts commissioned by the federal ministry of transport, construction and urban development also chose the concept of "updating germany" to the winner from.

True to the prevailing motto "out there: architecture beyond building" the city of venice is from 14. September until 23. November the center of international architecture. The ministry of transport, construction and urban development sponsors the contribution of the german in that year with approximately 580.000 euro. In the project bottger as well as von borries collected in a catalog about 100 projects as well as visions like for example power supplying plants, the kite sail for container ships or also water bottles filled with sand to be used for house building. Those ideas, according to the architects, should make possible a much better future. The 20 most important projects will be made available to the public at the biennial and will also provide food for thought for visitors to the event. This is the declared goal of the organizers. The biennale of architecture takes place every year, so that this year you can also see the works of the architects.

What is generally understood by architecture? What makes architecture special? What should one pay attention to and what is rather beside the point?. We try to bring some light into the darkness.

The concept of architecture means the confrontation between man and a space. The design of buildings is the essential content of architecture. In the narrower sense, architecture means an art or a science of designing buildings. Here the classical term of architecture includes different facets of meaning. Over many centuries it was understood as building in any form.

Architecture is concerned with individual buildings. On a broader scale, urban development is also involved in this theme. Landscape architecture, on the other hand, is concerned with the design of the landscape. This definition, however, has become more and more important, especially since the beginning of the 20th century. The term "architecture" was highly controversial at the beginning of the twentieth century. Every definition of the term proves to be a struggle for the power to apply it. Because of the aspect implied in this way, a definition of the content of the term remains controversial. Any attempt at a definition – insofar as it permits reflection at all – is already architectural theory. A definition of the term architecture is generally based on the respective attitude as well as the value system of the person who makes the definition, also in relation to the garaventalift. Be it the client, the architect or an architectural theorist.

It is unavoidable that the evaluation of the architects’ works is often quite controversial, because this is not only a competition of talent and competence. Rather, the validity of the entire value system is put to the test. It is therefore not particularly difficult for the layman to lose track. If you want to know more about this, you should take a look at the quotes of some famous people. So it will certainly be a little easier to understand.

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