Watzke: bvb does not issue an official season goal

Offensive pros, defensive bosses – championship runner-up borussia dortmund does not issue an official season target for the coming season.

Unlike some players, such as head of defense mats hummels, who just over a week ago announced a renewed attack on first place, hans-joachim watzke was more cautious. "We are not going to play this game anymore. We will officially no longer issue a goal – and this is not happening because we don’t have one," said the BVB CEO, referring to what he sees as unfair reporting in the media.

For years, the club has been criticized for not setting a championship goal. "Last year, we felt that this was the right thing to do when we were two points behind. We have said we will try everything to become german champion."But it was not a full-bodied announcement that the subscription champion would be relinquished from munich. "This was solved three weeks later on our own initiative. Then it was just a matter of, they want to become german champions. To then criticize us from april onwards for not having achieved our goal," watzke commented.

The 61-year-old took the opportunity to express his displeasure with the public’s treatment of the professionals, who were once again accused of having a mental attitude problem after the 4-0 defeat in the last game of the season against hoffenheim. "With all the justified criticism of this performance, we have the feeling that a witch hunt is developing against our team. When the criticism goes over to the fact that we allegedly have the worst mentality of all 18 bundesliga teams, then that is so over the target that it almost takes your breath away. It had to be a miracle that the team with the worst mentality becomes vice champion," complained watzke.

Such a reputation would also be difficult to reconcile with the willingness of the professionals to continue to forego parts of their salaries during the corona crisis. "The salary sacrifice of us and the team goes beyond the end of the season. We waive until 31. December onward," watzke revealed.

This is due to the continuing uncertainty about the course of the coming season: "the lack of revenue is dramatic. It’s not just about the lack of spectator revenue of around four million euros per game, but also about less TV and marketing money. We are facing a gigantic mountain of risks."That is why no further transfers are planned for the time being.

A return of spectators to the stadiums could help ease the tension. Watzke, who is known for his good contacts with leading politicians, is confident that at least some fans will be admitted again for the supposed start of the season in september. "I believe that the willingness to think about it is there. The league is currently in the process of drawing up the relevant concepts and then sending them to the relevant bodies," said watzke.

"A uniform nationwide solution" will not be possible, however, in his opinion: "i don’t think you can say that so many spectators are allowed into the stadium per ten square meters. If anything, there will be a different framework. Within this framework, the local health authorities will then agree on a concept with the club. Which makes sense, because every stadium is designed differently."

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