Usa: 2000 children of illegal immigrants separated from parents

Usa: 2000 children of illegal immigrants separated from parents

This was announced by the U.S. Department of the interior on friday in washington. The trump administration began enforcing its zero-tolerance policy against illegal immigrants at the southern border with mexico in the spring of this year.

According to the data, between 19. April and 31. May 1995 children picked up alongside 1940 adults at the border. It was a common norm in law enforcement that children were not detained with their parents, she says. They were placed in special institutions or with foster families. However, infants were not separated from their mothers.

The authorities had only two options: either to intercept and punish the illegal migrants, or to allow them to enter the country. U.S. House of representatives opposition leader nancy pelosi called the crackdown "shameful". US president donald trump, for his part, accused pelosi’s democrats of blocking a change in the law with a solution for migrant children.

U.S. Attorney general jeff sessions was in the headlines after quoting bible verses that he said justified the crackdown on migrants. "Whosoever therefore shall resist the authorities shall resist the ordinance of god: and they that resist shall receive judgment for themselves," reads, among other things, the apostle paul’s letter to the romans, chapter 13. This bible passage was used among others by sud statesmen to justify slavery.

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