Trump vetoes congressional resolution on iran

Trump vetoes congressional resolution on iran

U.S. President donald trump still won’t make any military action against iran contingent on parliamentary approval.

Trump vetoed a congressional resolution wednesday night (local time) that would have prevented him from taking independent military action against iran. The republican shared, "this was a very insulting resolution introduced by the democrats as part of a strategy to win the elections on 3. November to win by splitting the republican party." In the USA, the presidential and. Presidential and congressional elections on november 3.

Trump on wednesday criticized republicans who voted for the resolution for playing into democrats’ hands. Trump’s republican-dominated senate passed the resolution in february – it was intended to force trump to involve parliament in military action against iran. Eight republican senators had also voted for the resolution introduced by the democrats, thus helping it to gain a majority. In march, the democratic-dominated house of representatives – the other chamber in congress – passed the resolution.

The basis is the "war powers resolution" of 1973, which requires the U.S. President to consult congress "in every possible case" before sending U.S. Military forces into combat operations. Trump had caused displeasure in congress before the resolution with a military strike against iran. At the beginning of january, US forces killed the top iranian general ghassem soleimani in baghdad on trump’s orders, which temporarily brought washington and tehran to the brink of war.

Trump’s veto was expected. A two-thirds majority is required in both chambers of parliament to override a veto by the president. But the senate failed in a vote on thursday to override the president’s veto on the issue. Even in the house of representatives, a two-thirds majority for it was not in the cards from the beginning.

Remarkable was the partly emotional language in the message sent by the weiben haus press office, which was reminiscent of trump’s tweets – for example, when he described the parliament’s resolution as "insulting". Trump also said: "congress should not have passed this resolution."

In trump’s message, the resolution would dramatically limit the president’s ability to protect the u.S., its allies and its partners. "The resolution implies that the president’s constitutional authority to use military force is limited to the defense of the united states and its armed forces against imminent attack. This is not correct."The president must be able to foresee "the next steps of our opponents" and act decisively against them. "This is what i did!"

Already last year, trump had to resort to a veto in a similar case after congress rebelled against him. Both chambers of congress – including the senate, which is dominated by trump’s republicans – had passed a resolution at the time to end U.S. Aid to the military operation led by saudi arabia in yemen.

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