To the model project

Meeting place the cafe international, which has been held every two weeks since august 2017 in new premises – directly in the town hall and at the same time as the asylum counseling service on site – is attended by an average of 30 visitors. The families and players now know each other very well; contacts are deepening across the country. More and more refugees help with set-up and take-down, bring cakes and national food, play with the kids. The meeting is also open to local residents. It is an opportunity to make contacts and establish friendships.

Questioning the efforts around the "competence center for migration and integration the associations also come into view: on the one hand as a provider and field of action for the newcomers, on the other hand the associations also bring their own themes with them. So far, no data has been available on how the associations and initiatives in ludwigsstadt are doing. For this reason, a questionnaire was sent to the 119 clubs and organizations in ludwigsstadt via the model project at the end of 2017. The survey was financially supported by the federal program "live democracy" in the district of kronach. The organizations were asked to provide figures, data, facts, but also wishes and concerns about the topic of volunteering – supplemented by questions about the integration of migrants and refugees.

Resonance the jerk run with about 42.9 percent is very meaningful. The evaluations are available and will be presented at the next meeting of the association’s board of directors in june. Concrete starting points for strengthening the associations are to be worked out through a discussion.

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