The mayor and his stuck horse

The mayor and his stuck horse

In a carnival-like procession, the prinzengarde marched with many escorts from the town hall to the TSV sports home.

Mayor ralf nowak and the prinzengarde with prince and princess awaited the visitors in front of the town hall and at 19.19 o’clock it went off with the blowing music kraisdorf, which already nearly introduced the end of the funfte season calendrical: "on rosenmontag am ich geboren …" – and there were the first entertainers on the street. That was an atmospheric start to the carnival, in contrast to the rather dry programs in the meeting hall in previous years.

Because there seems to be a lack of "young fools" in pfarrweisach missing, the princess comes this season from the neighboring village lohr: princess katharina I. (katharina tag, 20) and stephan I. (stephan gottel, 23).

In their prologue, they looked forward to the upcoming carnival season and praised the prinzengarde: "madels, without you there would be no more carnival in pfarrweisach". Mayor nowak also called on the citizens: "here in the village there should be cheerfulness". The town hall, currently a rough construction site "I’ll gladly surrender" and presented with one of the "otto becks baked oversized schlussel to the prince couple.

Before that he had thrown on a red frock and a red fireman’s helmet from the old days and rode ahead as martin on a horse. He led the procession, which, together with the prince’s guard, the prince and princess in a convertible, the brass band of kraisdorf and a carnival float of the youth, made its way to the TSV sports center. There the prinzengarde danced their guard dance for the first time, accompanied with much "pfarrweisach: helau!", and just as much applause.

Eva weiglein and julia barthelmann train the madels and drive choreography. The kraisdorfer musikanten provided for mood, before it went on afterwards in the sport home with the kirwas dance.

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