Shot with pistol from balcony in schweinfurt

At around 1:35 p.M., a witness told the police that someone had fired a silver handgun from a balcony. Since it was not clear at this point whether a live weapon was involved, several patrols from the schweinfurt police department drove to the sachskolonie, where the apartment block was surrounded.

Because of a cartridge case found on the spot, everything then spoke in favor of the fact that only with a shotgun had been fired. When it was determined where the person in question lived, several police officers showed up shortly afterwards and found the 36-year-old in his living room. A permit-free PTB weapon lay ready to hand, with which the man, according to his own statements, had fired twice from the balcony into the sky in order to test the firearm for its functionality.

The incident had been observed by two witnesses, but the man had not aimed at them and they were not threatened or endangered by the shots. It turned out that in fact only permit-free signal ammunition had been used. Because of the lack of a permit, the man will be charged with a misdemeanor under the weapons act. The alarm pistol was confiscated by the officers.

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