People and dogs tortured – dementia sufferer not guilty

People and dogs tortured - dementia sufferer not guilty

Roland M. (53 years old, name changed by the editors) recognizes the face of jorg handler. But that the lawyer is his defender, he seems no longer to know. M. Suffers from high-grade dementia disorder. With a deadpan expression, in which one only sometimes thinks one can recognize a vague smile, he follows the reading of three so-called motions, which the second criminal division of the bamberg district court has been hearing since tuesday.

The content of the case is: completed and/or attempted cases of bodily harm, assault, insult, theft, damage to property as well as dangerous interference with traffic and unauthorized departure from the scene of an accident. In addition, to some extent as an inglorious crowning of his criminal career, two violations of the animal protection law.

No response

in november 2012, the veterinarians of the district office were alerted by neighbors to two emaciated sheepdogs on a bischberg property. During several visits by the veterinary surgeon, roland M. Not found; he did not respond to written requests to set up a feeding schedule and present the dogs to a veterinarian’s office. Only when roland M. On 14. January was arrested for other offenses, the authorities were able to take the animals into custody at the family’s request. And it was only at this point that it was discovered that the younger of the two ruden, eddy, who was about two years old, was wearing a spiked band around his neck that had not been visible until then.

Seven of the eight pairs of spikes pointing inwards were sharpened on the collar. The dog must have been tortured with it for weeks, because the spines had already grown into the skin. Both animals were so emaciated, according to the official veterinarian who was the first witness, that despite the thick winter coat, the ribs and the spinous processes of the spine were clearly visible. The older dog, estimated to be eleven years old, was suffering from severe constipation. Only thanks to the immediate treatment in the veterinary clinic both animals were saved. The dogs were placed with new owners and, according to the veterinarian, are in good hands.

Five or six tires broken

under roland M. But it wasn’t just animals that had to suffer, people did too: for months, neighbors kept finding nails and screws under and in their car tires, sometimes several times a week. One of the damaged had to have five or six tires repaired. Twice he had a flat tire during the trip. Only with a lot of luck the accidents went off without a hitch.

Why his once nice neighbor roland M., from friend to foe, this witness was unable to explain. He could only describe how the transformation took place: one day roland M. For no apparent reason, they hit him with a water bottle. Later he stole an empty potion box from his property and finally the thing came with the nails.

Dog trainer with master title

about M.S handling the dogs the neighbor could not say much. However, he knew that M. Was active as a dog trainer in a dog sports club in the district of bamberg and won the title of vice european champion. "At the home there was a huge trophy."

For the police and the judiciary the series of incidents began on 27. September 2011. On that day M. Had been walking with one of the dogs on the leinritt in bischberg. When his dog brought down a bicyclist who suffered several laps in the fall, he not only refused to give his personal details: he got behind the wheel of his car and rolled over the man’s fub when he tried to get in his way. In june 2012, on the land of his dog sports club, he put a 13-year-old boy in a headlock and prepared to lock the boy in a dog box. In august he stole a cell phone, and in the period between march 2012 and the beginning of 2013 he put the nails under the cars of one of the neighbors.

After his arrest, several nurses at the bayreuth district hospital became victims of his increasing aggressiveness. He put one in a headlock and bit him on the forearm, and broke the hand of another one. M. Finally had to be removed from bayreuth. Today he is housed in straubing. About the family circumstances of roland M. On the first day of the hearing, only fragments could be learned, since he himself did not or could not give any information. He is said to be still married, living in divorce and to have two children. In earlier years he is said to have worked as a craftsman.

Neighbors described him as a fun-loving and adventurous man with whom there had never been any quarrels. Today, however, roland M. "Just like a heap of misery there", said his former neighbor when he saw him in the courtroom and was asked by presiding judge manfred schmidt if and how M. Changed.

Whether M. It is unclear whether the driver even realizes that he is sitting in a courtroom. However, according to the investigations of the public prosecutor’s office, it is clear that he committed the acts in a state of insanity and is a danger to the general public. The trial will continue on thursday with the hearing of the psychiatric expert.

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