No reaching for the shelves after six o’clock in hochstadt

No reaching for the shelves after six o'clock in hochstadt

Helga troche has a very pragmatic solution when it comes to the question of longer opening hours: if a customer is still in the store, he can stay beyond closing time. That's what you call service. Helga troche has had the shoe store named after her at the city tower for 21 years now. The woman has experience. Also with the attempt to keep her shop open longer than usual in the hochstadt town center. "We tried it out for 14 days, but hardly anyone came between 6 and 8 p.M. "No one comes to the city center that late anymore."

There have already been some considerations and tests among retailers to leave the doors of their stores open up to the legally permissible limit. But this is difficult if not everyone follows suit. "You have to make it easy for the customer. It would be good if the customers knew: "they are all open until 8 p.M.", says thomas schmidhuber of the riegler tobacco shop. So but it has no sense. Only together it goes.

Confusion over opening times

But at the moment there is a lack of uniformity in the afternoons as well. Especially on wednesdays, this is a problem because the doors of the kreissparkasse are closed at noon. "When i come here on wednesday afternoons, some shops are closed", andrea frohlich also notes. What the customer finds somewhat obstructive. This is the case, for example, with the dennhardt stationery shop in the main street next to helga troche's shop. But here they are already thinking about possibly opening again on wednesday afternoon.

Helga troche knows about the confusion that the different opening times cause among customers: many call and ask whether the shop is open at that time. Yes, she has, she then emphasizes. That's the problem that thomas schmidhuber tries to describe: "with an attractive city center, i'm sure that something can be done later, even with several participants." But if it stays dark in the evening in the other stores, he can still keep it open that long. "The customer goes where he is anyway." Since nothing is open, the customer is not there.

Successful only with events

At the moment there is an exception: if you combine longer opening hours with events, people will come. Schmidhuber offers a cigar event every two weeks on wednesdays. The shop was open until 7 pm and the customers came in. The dennhardt stationery store, which sells school supplies, is open until 7 p.M. For the start of school – an hour longer than usual – but that's only worth it, they say. The shops also offer longer opening hours during the pre-christmas season. Then the people buy, on normal days, however, the "crowd-puller" is missing, complain the business owners.

Longer and longer opening hours are a challenge for the retail trade. Burhanettin secgin has a problem that exists in general: he is his only employee. "Until 6 p.M., longer is not necessary", says the owner of the fruit store on the market square. It has already had to be reduced by 5.30 o'clock at the grobmarkt. Open alone for a long time? He has long been at the limit of his capacity: "there's nothing more we can do." Supermarket competition is overwhelming either way.

Sundays no need

On the other hand, retailers are satisfied with the number of sundays open for business. Kilian kemmer, hochstadter dean and pastor of the catholic parish st. Georg, sees the protection of sundays as important for two reasons: "on the one hand, employees also have families, and on the other hand, a family should spend sundays in a way that is different from consumption." He has no objections to the few traditional market days that take place in hochstadt, but there should be no more than the five exceptions.

More is not possible under the current law, explains stefan kolb from the district administration in erlangen. Kolb is responsible for the processing of exceptions to the law on the closing of stores, he says: "the law is quite restrictive." So if a store owner wants to stay open past 8 p.M. Or on sundays, there must be an overriding public interest. However, this only exists in rare cases and then had to be approved by the central franconian government or the ministry of labor.
When discussing store closures, it is important to find a sensible compromise between the needs of the citizens and the employees in the retail trade, says mayor gerald brehm (JL). Always with the thought: "the purchasing power must not migrate."

Andrea schlee, a customer of helga troche, the lady with the shoe store, thinks it's good "that the grocery stores are open until 8 p.M.". If she forgets to buy butter, for example, it is convenient to be able to get something later. Otherwise, you could plan for shopping, she says. "For shoes and clothes you have to have a tube", helga troche adds. But in the evening hardly anyone wants to go. So: why open long?

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