New world heritage center shows what bamberg is all about

It’s less than ten meters from gartnerstadt to the dombauhutte – at least in the exhibition space of the new world heritage visitor center. Anyone who wants to can plant virtual onions, complete baroque buildings or find out about the milestones in the city’s history. On monday afternoon the center will be officially opened, from tuesday morning from 10 a.M. The regular visitor service will be running.

"We want to communicate the world heritage here, to guests, but also to bamberger, to kindergarten, schools and families", states culture mayor christian lange (CSU) at a preview for the press. At this point, there is still a lot of gluing, screwing and framing going on. "This is not a museum, because the actual exhibits are found in the city", patricia alberth, director of the bamberg world heritage center, emphasizes.

An "o-mat next to the other

What all can be world heritage becomes already clear in the staircase, where among other things the austrian semmering railroad, the basalt formations of the northern irean giant’s causeway or norwegian cave paintings are presented – on the second floor the world cultural heritage bamberg begins with sections dedicated to the gartner city, the island city and the mountain city.

Ingo kruger of the bavarian savings bank foundation makes it clear that world heritage sites are not only expected to preserve their cultural heritage, but also to present it to the general public in an appealing form. This and the savings bank foundation bamberg had together contributed 60000 euro for modern presentation forms in the new visitor center. One of these is the "baroque-O-mat. With this digital application, visitors can playfully add baroque stylistic elements to buildings and combine gables, window curbs or pillars to their heart’s content. If you prefer to keep it with the bamberger gartner-tradition, you can try out the "pflanz-O-mat" (plant-o-mat) experimenting with the right time for sowing onions, plant density and watering amount.

"The world heritage should be presented as innovatively, digitally and interestingly as possible", emphasizes long. Besides videos (among others of the work of the dombauhutte), games and interactive maps there are also classical information panels. For example, they show which trade goods were loaded in the old harbor, how many bambergers turned to horticulture in the face of declining demand for grain and poor harvests, or how the emperor and empress heinrich and kunigunde founded the bishopric of bamberg.

In this way, many topics that make up bamberg unfold on a manageable surface and can be explored in greater depth elsewhere in the world cultural heritage site, depending on your interests. And be it in your own onion patch.

Opening hours

The world heritage visitor center is open daily from 10 a.M. To 6 p.M. During the summer months (april to october) and from 11 a.M. To 4 p.M. During the winter months (november to march). The team of the bamberger stiftsladen will also run the store in the exhibition area of the new world heritage visitor center in the future. The bamberger stiftsladen at the upper brucke 2 will be closed down. The previous offer is available in the newly designed stiftsladen in the former monastery complex st. Michael.

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