New jobs to be created at rauschert

new jobs to be created at rauschert

The municipal council unanimously decided to change the development plan for the industrial area of steinbach am wald from 1996 to clear the way for rauschert. As we learned from managing director roland rauschert, he wants to expand his business this year – not least because of the new requirements from 2014 – to include a plastic injection molding shop.

Ten new jobs

"the order situation is good, the capacities are getting too tight", according to the 59-year-old entrepreneur. The main purpose of the extension is to produce parts for the automotive industry, as he explained. In the course of this, ten new jobs are to be created in addition to the existing 230. "We like it in steinbach, and we can rely on a good and motivated workforce", stressed rauschert.

Chief executive officer thomas kotschenreuther explained that during the review of the building application of the company rauschert it was determined that the project would overbuild a public traffic area, which was provided for in the first amendment of the development plan. This development road could be built after the creation of the area "am dammbach" the building could no longer be constructed in this way anyway. Now that the resolution has been passed, it is time to go through the repeal process.

The adoption of the budget for 2013 was another focus of the meeting. The people of steinbach were proud to be able to pass a balanced budget for twelve years in a row. Both mayor klaus loffler (CSU) and the spokespersons of the parliamentary groups repeatedly emphasized the correctness of the chosen path. "Good cooperation, cohesion, common goals and approaches, business and family friendliness, entrepreneurs who are loyal to the location", these were the buzzwords used to explain the success of the community.

Sticking to the concept

everyone agreed that the existing concept should be maintained, namely to improve the infrastructure, to respond to the needs of the population, employers and employees, and to keep the current expenditures "in check to keep. "More local political action is not possible!", said mayor loffler. The plan is to continue investing in daycare centers, wastewater treatment plants, fire protection and infrastructure.
There was a certain pride in the mayor’s voice as he recalled his first term of office twelve years ago. At that time the municipality had been indebted with 6.5 million euro. During his time in office, debts were reduced, the right framework conditions were created and no increases in consumption fees were decided. "There has been consolidation and investments have been adjusted to the needs of the citizens!"

He also described the community’s appearance after the elections as a strong point. Steinbach has made a significant contribution to the quality of life for generations with its "quality of life for generations" project also in the supra-regional press and up to the federal level attention found.

CSU faction spokesman markus loffler spoke of a forward-looking financial policy and careful handling of the money at hand. He stressed that steinbach makes a significant contribution to the further development of the district.

"We have already experienced other times, and the others have laughed themselves into the little fist!", said gunter kunzel (SPD). He spoke of possible envy "but we can live with it". And he was of the opinion that the payments made by steinbach do not harm the other municipalities.

Well managed

"we can say with pride that we have a balanced budget and still managed to build reserves", according to josef hermann (), who is also the "minister of finance" karl-heinz hausler praised for the preparation of the figures.

Hausler went into detail about the budget. Among other things, he informed that the transfer from the administrative to the property budget is estimated at 968 250 euros. He also spoke of expected reserves in the amount of 108000 euros.

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