Memmingen amok: motive was love affliction

memmingen amok: motive was love affliction

His girlfriend broke up with him the day before, said court spokesman manfred murbe. "He felt unfairly treated by her."The schoolboy is charged with, among other things, two counts of attempted manslaughter.

On 22. May 2012 the teenager had fired a shot at memmingen’s linden school, triggering an amok alert. Later he shot with sharp weapons of his father on a sports field several times around itself. The approximately 280 students of the middle school fled with their teachers into the classrooms and entrenched themselves therein. Only after several hours of negotiations were special forces able to persuade the then 14-year-old to give himself up. Previously, he is said to have shot partially aimed in the direction of the police officers. More than 70 cartridge cases were seized. No one was injured.

The public is excluded from the proceedings before the youth chamber in memmingen. Court spokesman murbe reported that the boy had appeared "composed but withdrawn" during his testimony. He admitted to using weapons to enter his school and later to shoot at people and cars. According to his own statements, he had a "total blackout". Why he took the weapons with him to school, he could not explain today.

Blue partition walls blocked the view to the entrance to the witness area on tuesday morning. Somewhere behind them, the defendant waited for the journalists to leave the courtroom. "It’s difficult for him and he’s glad when the day is over," said his lawyer anja mack shortly before the trial began. The boy’s parents also attended the trial.

The accused described the course of events of the crime in this way, said murbe: "the girlfriend accused him of flirting with other girls." Already on the evening before the act he was therefore excited and aggressive and reacted in the domestic cellar in the presence of his father while pushing with air guns off. When his father loved him alone, he manipulated the combination lock of the safe in which the key to the weapons room was stored. Later, he obtained two live pistols, a BB gun, a dagger and ammunition there. He took these weapons to school the next morning.

After his arrest, the schoolboy was initially placed in a psychiatric clinic. He has been in custody since autumn. An expert has declared him guilty of the crime. If convicted, he faces up to ten years in juvenile detention. The trial will begin this thursday (24. January) continued. During the hearing of evidence, four experts and 54 witnesses are to be heard – including some of the accused’s schoolmates.

Intermediate traps like the one in memmingen, where a rampage was suggested, are more common, an expert says. "This is similar to a suicide. There are cases where the victims only want to draw attention to themselves and a self-death is not intended at all," said the director of the criminological center in wiesbaden, rudolf egg, to the news agency dpa. "The real desire of these people is to be admired and loved"."Many are also aware of the media impact of their spectacular deeds. "They want to make themselves familiar with it."

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