Market has a long tradition

Sigismund von dobschutz the "green market" has a long tradition in bad kissingen. In the past, the merchants offered their wares twice a week, or more recently only once a week, on the square in eisenstadt. Two years ago, alexander muller from priesendorf (bamberg district) and his team had to move to the town hall square in front of the jakobus church. There he will stay in the future.

"The market has been around for decades", remembers head of the public order department rainer warzecha. In any case, the market already existed in 1994 when it started its service in the town hall. Officially it is not a "green market" at all, warzecha points out, but only one of several weekly markets in bad kissingen. Because in addition to fruit and vegetables, other traders also offer occasional cheese, fish and more. Be that as it may: for old-established kissing residents, it is the "green market", only the suppliers have changed from time to time over the decades.

The last time the priesendorf dealer alexander muller had his wooden tables from spring 2013 every thursday morning from 5 a.M. On.30 o’clock at the eisenstadter platz, after his longtime predecessor from sennfeld (district schweinfurt) had to give up for reasons of age. Two years ago, however, the groundbreaking ceremony for the extension of the district administration office in muhlgasse made it necessary to move to the town hall square. Muller is grateful today for this change of location and already has the official permission to continue to stand in front of the jakobuskirche despite the completion of the landratsamt building: "we make 20 to 30 percent more turnover here." Understandable, since the passers-by from the central parking garage are now joined by those from the tattersall parking lot via the spitalgasse as walk-in customers.

Countless regular customers

The most important shoppers for muller, who is supported in sales by his mother elke and girlfriend inge gernert, are the countless regular customers who regularly queue up at the muller team from 7 a.M. To 1 p.M. From the beginning of march until the end of november. Petra wehner, owner of the sanitatshaus reh-in-tec weber in bachstrabe, is one of them. "The produce is always fresh, locally sourced, and the service is super friendly.", she cites as the reason. As she hands over a handful of crunchy carrots she has selected herself to seller inge gernert, she adds another reason that is particularly important to her: "you have to support the small traders and businesses in the region."

Muller only grows some of his own vegetables, fruit and flowers from his wide range of produce. "We are not farmers, but traders." Because at home he only cultivates about 1000 square meters of cultivation area and a few wax houses. "We buy from farmers in the neighborhood and replenish what is missing at the grocery market in nurnberg." Bananas and apricots don’t grow in franconia, but they belong in a "round fruit assortment. During the summer months there is no day off for mullers. Mondays are office and preparation days for the week. Fresh produce is bought twice a week, on tuesdays and fridays. On wednesdays and saturdays he stands in the upper franconian courtyard. Sunday is muller in trautmannshofen (upper palatinate). Therefore only thursday remains for bad kissingen. All in all, muller is "very satisfied", even if the town hall square lacks a few nearby parking spaces for cars. There is only one thing he is urgently looking for – expert saleswomen. As long as he has no one from bad kissingen to support him, his 68-year-old mother elke, an elderly pensioner and girlfriend inge have to help him.

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